Who Is Keith Brymer Jones' Wife Marj Hogarth?

Keith Brymer Jones' wife, Marj Hogarth, is a professional actress known for her role in the play Snowwhite in the Eden Court.

Marj Hogarth stepped into the acting field a long time ago. She is a famous artist and loves to work in different theatrical plays.

Marj is a well-known figure as a theatre artist. However, she tends to be away from the media regarding her real life. She is the show stealer in the reel life but likes to be far from the limelight in reality. She has also contributed to the television world as she was featured in five television series.

She has a great bond with her husband, Keith, and their love is endless. They support each other in every rough and challenging life situation and come up with some solution. Both manage time for each other despite having such hectic schedules.

Once Keith also admitted that his wife is one of the most understanding people he has ever met as she understands his situation as a workaholic and encourages him every time to do better in his life.

Facts To Know About Keith Brymer Jones' Wife Marj Hogarth

picture of Keith Brymer Jones from one of his shows.
picture of Keith Brymer Jones from one of his shows. ( Source : thetimes )

  1. Marj Hogarth and her husband Keith don't have much of an age difference, looking at their appearance. Both of them are probably in their fifties. 
  2. It has been more than a decade since she and her husband married.
  3. Marj is a famous theatre artist and popularly known for her role as a wicked witch in the Snowwhite in the Eden Court series.
  4. Keith and Marj have a son named Ned, who is 19 years as of now. However, Ned is not the biological son of Marj but Keith's biological son from his previous marriage.
  5. Marj has not given birth to anyone as she wants to treat Ned as her son.
  6. The actress' parents live on the Isle of Bute, whereas she resides with her husband in London.
  7. She is also passionate about music and loves listening to different genres.
  8. Marj is a quiet person in reality and likes keeping her private life aside from her professional life.

Keith working in his studio in London
Keith working in his studio in London ( Source : thetimes )

Some FAQs

Who is Keith Brymer Jones?

Keith Brymer Jones is a famous British potter and ceramic designer.

When was Keith Brymer Jones born?

Keith Brymer Jones was born in the year 1965 and is 57 years currently.

Who is Keith Brymer Jones's wife?

Keith Brymer Jones's wife is famous actress Marj Hogarth.

Does Keith Brymer Jones has children?

Keith Brymer Jones has a son named Ned Jones from his previous marriage.