Has Maggie Lindemann And Brandon Arreaga Broken Up

Brandon Arreaga And Maggie Lindemann Together In A Party
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Brandon Arreaga and Maggie Lindemann have broken up with each. But Maggie has not addressed it officially. 

Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann is a singer-songwriter from the United States. Her breakout hit "Pretty Girl" from 2016 reached number four in Sweden, six in Ireland, and eight in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. On TikTok, her songs were quite popular. 

She started posting recordings of herself singing on the social media app Keek, and she quickly grew a following on the app and across her other social media profiles.

She posted her first photo on Instagram when she was 14 years old, and she has been dominating the social media site ever since, with millions of followers worldwide. Aside from Instagram, the young lady has a significant audience on YouTube. 

The American pop singer's active engagement on several social media platforms is the basis for her current stardom. Lindemann's hits "Couple of Kids" and "Knocking on Your Heart" got her a lot of attention after gaining a large social media following. 


Her Biography And Age

Her given name is Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann, although she is better known as Maggie Lindemann. She was born on July 21, 1998, into a German-Scottish family in Dallas, Texas.

"Knocking On Your Heart," Lindemann's debut single, was released in September 2015. On October 30, 2015, she released her second song, "Couple of Kids." Her third single, "Things," was released on January 29, 2016. The official music video for "Things" was uploaded on her own YouTube channel. 

Lindemann released her first single since joining 300 Entertainment, "Pretty Girl," on September 29, 2016. On the Next Big Sound list, the single reached number four.

The song was written by Lindemann to "demonstrate to others that girls are more than merely gorgeous. We have a great deal to offer. People should go beyond their physical looks to something more meaningful." On March 9, 2017, People debuted the music video for "Pretty Girl." 

Is She In a Relationship With Someone?

Lindemann announced his bisexuality openly in 2016. From 2019 through 2022, Lindemann was engaged to Brandon Arreaga of the boy band PrettyMuch.

Lindemann revealed that she and Brandon had broken up via Instagram stories in May of 2022. Even after the breakup, she posted a cute picture of them on her Instagram which confused her fans.

Lindemann has dragged off the stage and arrested in Malaysia in 2019 while performing without a professional visit pass, which is required of any foreigners working in the nation. After the event organizers pleaded guilty, she was freed on bond the next day.

Many people assume her to be single these days.

Explore Maggie Lindemann's Instagram

She has 5.6 million Instagram followers and is quite active on the platform. She publishes a lot of things to keep her fans up to date on her life, and she's also shared a number of adorable images of her and her boyfriend in the past. 

Her Instagram handle's name is "maggielindemann" and posts many things about her ongoing projects and life.