Who Is Lori Stokes' Husband Brian Thompson?

Lori Stokes's ex-husband, Brian Thompson, is an award-winning journalist working for NBC 4 New York.

Brian Thompson during a photoshoot for his online profile
Brian Thompson during a photoshoot for his online profile ( Source : nbcnewyork )

He has been working as a New Jersey reporter for the media portal since 1998 and presents the weekday evening newscasts, reports NBC New York. With decades of involvement as a journalist in the sector, Brian has achieved numerous achievements and honors for his works.

In 2005, he won a New York Emmy Award for his brilliant work on What Matters, NBC 4 New York's political series. Besides winning the accolades, several personalities and institutions have praised him for his work in journalism.

Thompson was an essential component of the award-winning COVID-19 coverage that won the award in 2021, according to NBC New York. The site further describes his career journey in journalism, where the man has established himself as a prominent figure.

Lori Stokes and Brian Thompson's Daughters

Lori Stokes and her former husband, Brian Thomspon, share two daughters, Nicolette and Alexandra Thompson.

Alexandra, also known as Alex, is the eldest among the two. She is also a journalist and works as a reporter for FOX8 News, reports Fameshala. It also mentions that Alex graduated from George Washington University with a degree in history and began her journalism career in 2017.

Their other daughter, Nicolette, also known as Nikki, works in the corporate industry. She graduated from Georgetown University in 2017 and currently works for Ariel Alternatives as its Chief of Staff, as reported by Fameshala.

Their Age and Net Worth

Lori Stokes's age is 60 years old, while her ex-husband, Brian Thompson, is also thought to be around the same age.

Lori Stokes and her ex-husband, Brian Thompson
Lori Stokes and her ex-husband, Brian Thompson ( Source : celebrity )

She was born on September 16, 1962, in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in the local neighborhoods. So her age is known to the outsiders, but the same cannot be said for Brian. His age and birthdate details are unavailable. So, we can only guess his range, and from his online pictures and other information, we expect the man to be in her sixties.

Similarly, discussing their net worth, The Focus mentions Lori with a net worth of around $2 million. On the other hand, Thompson's net worth is not precisely valued, but we expect the NBC journalist to have at least one million dollars.

Lori Stokes and Brian Thompson Divorce Reason

Lori Stokes and Brian Thompson's divorce reason is undisclosed, but the couple had a healthy relationship.

They remained married for a pretty long time and had a good understanding. Several sources report the couple to have been in a healthy relationship, but their divorce reason is outside of the public's know-how.

Neither of the pair has opened up about the separation.

Some FAQs

Who Is Lori Stokes Ex-husband Brian Thompson?

Lori Stokes's ex-husband Brian Thompson is an award winning journalist working for NBC 4 New York.

How Old Is Brian Thompson?

Brian Thompson's age is thought to be in his sixties but the actual data is unknown.

What Is Lori Stokes's Net Worth?

Lori Stokes's net worth is estimated at around $2 million.