What Is Rapper Light Skin Keisha's Real Name? Before Surgery Photos And More

Light Skin Keisha on a live event.
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LightSkinKeisha is an Atlanta rapper, influencer, and reality star from Atlanta, Georgia. The Queen of Atlanta dubs the singer behind classics like Believe Dat and Ride Good. She has released three albums in the last few years: That's Just The Bottom Line, Act Up Szn, and Talk That Talk.

The rapper from Atlanta just joined the cast of the reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and has 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

LightSkinKeisha has already made a name for herself among fans, and she aspires to follow in the footsteps of artists like Cardi B, who turned reality television into a career in music. The focus of this article will be Keisha's profession, insecurities, scandals, and romantic situation.

What Is Rapper Light Skin Keisha's Real Name? 

The rapper's stage name is Light Skin Keisha, and her real name is yet to be revealed as of 2022.

Due to her stage name, she received a lot of backlashes. Some even referred to it as colorism. But Keisha came forward to dispel rumors that she was a colorist and explained how her stage name, LightSkinKeisha, came to be.

According to Distractify, the singer said that the inspiration for her stage name originated from seeing a movie with Nas and DMX.

She continued by mentioning a prominent "boss" figure named Kisha (spelled differently) in the movie. After seeing the film, LightSkinKeisha claimed she was motivated to take the name Keisha.


Rapper Light Skin Keisha Surgery 

Rapper Light Skin Keish hasn't had any surgery to date. There's been a random rumor on the internet regarding her body, even though it seems completely fine. 

However, Growing up, Keisha had crooked teeth, which contributed significantly to her sense of insecurity. Braces became a part of Keisha's brand as she rose to fame while sporting them.

The braces were effective, so after some time, Keisha removed them and began using a retainer. She spoke with a lisp because the retainer made her uncomfortable.

When she stopped using the retainer, her teeth began to shift back into their original positions. Keisha decided to get cosmetic work done at that point.


Rapper Light Skin Keisha Has a Net Worth Of $500,000

Light Skin Keisha is projected to be worth $500,000 as of 2022. Keisha's acting and singing careers are significant sources of her fortune.

Although Keisha initially tried her hand at being an Instagram model, her rapping abilities piqued her admirers' eye.

She is currently seeking a career as a rapper in the music business. She also works as a model and an actress.