Lee Jihan Wife And Family: Was The Produce 101 Actor Married?

Lee Jihan was an unmarried actor and didn't have a wife. His family members, including his parents and siblings, are in grief now. 

Lee Jihan pictured during his professional photoshoot sometime back
Lee Jihan pictured during his professional photoshoot sometime back ( Source : kpopping )

He had not shared any Infomation about his girlfriend or love life on the internet. He liked to keep his private affairs off media exposure and didn't share any pictures of his wife or any other love partner on social media.

Not only his love life but Jihan also kept his family matters off the internet and rarely spoke about his parents and other members. As a result, there is no conclusive information about either his family or his love life.

Lee Jihan Age And Wikipedia: How Old Was He?

Talking about his age, Lee Jihan was 24 years old and had made his name as a rising K-pop star.

He was born on August 3, 1998, in Korea and gained interest in the Korean entertainment industry from a young age. He embarked on his career as a trainee with Pan Entertainment company and appeared on the second season of Produce 101 at the age of 19.

Following the stint in the music line, Lee rather focused his career on acting and eventually landed his debut role in the drama Butterfly Dream in 2019, reports Fandom. Likewise, he also played in the 2019 Korean drama Today Was Another Namhyun Day.

With his acting roles in the industry, Jihan had established himself as a prominent personality in the sector. But he didn't have a Wikipedia bio page to reflect his career journey.

Lee Jihan Halloween Tragedy: What Happened?

Lee Jihan was trapped in the Halloween crowd crush in Seoul, which caused great fatality to hundreds of people.

Picture of the Seoul Crowd crush on October 29, 2022
Picture of the Seoul Crowd crush on October 29, 2022 ( Source : independent )

The incident took place on the night of October 29, 2022, in Itaewon, Seoul, where thousands of people had gone to enjoy the Halloween festival. However, the crowd was more than the initial projection. Some witnesses even said that the crowd was over 10 times the normal capacity.

Due to the densely crowded surrounding, the emergency vehicles and personnel couldn't attend to the injured in time, thus welcoming the chaos. Jihan got involved in the shamble and fell victim to the wide-scale fatality. More victims and injuries have been reported in the incident, where hundreds of people suffered grave injuries and other damages.

Some FAQs

How Old Was Lee Jihan?

Korean actor and singer, Lee Jihan, was 24 years old. He was born on August 3, 1998.

Who Was Lee Jihan?

Lee Jihan was a Korean actor and singer who was active in the K-pop industry.

Was Lee Jihan Married?

K-pop star Lee Jihan was reportedly unmarried and didn't have a wife or known girlfriend.