LaRussell net worth is $ 1 million in the year 2022. 

LaRussell was born on October 6, 1994. He celebrated his 28 birthday this year.

He is popularly known by his stage name LaRussell but his real name is LaRussell Thomas. 

Quick Facts

Full NameLarussell Thomas
Stage NameLaRussell
Date of BirthOctober 6, 1994
Birth PlaceOakland, CA
Professionrapper, songwriter

LaRussell Rapper's Bio: His Age And Real Name

LaRussell rapper is 27 years old by age, and his real name is Larussell Thomas.

He was born on October 6, 1994, and is the youngest and the only male of four children. While growing up, his father always used to sing, and his father's side of the family was very into church and was musically gifted. He believes that he got his musical side from his father.

LaRussell started rapping at the age of 8 with his sister. His sister was better than him in delivery, flow, and everything, so he started writing because he was better.

Since he has been writing and performing music for a long time, he wants his future to be the best in the music world; he believes that due to the commercial success of records, hip hop has taken huge dive lyrically, and he feels that he can preserve that.

LaRussell's book LIMITLESS: The 10,000 Shot Theory
LaRussell's book LIMITLESS: The 10,000 Shot Theory( Source : instagram )

For him, it has always been about art and culture, so the bars have always been his top priority. The writing, composing, singing, and recording process happens naturally for him.

There is no magic formula during his creative process; he sits or walks around while mumbling until something comes up in his mind. He can write lyrics fast. He reminds himself that if he cannot write a verse in 15 minutes, he moves on because later, it doesn't feel natural to him. It feels forced.

LaRussell Is Originally From Oakland

LaRussell was born in Oakland, California but was raised in Vallejo, California.

He has described his uprising as usual as any other child who grew up in Vallejo. According to him, Vallejo is the city where some days it feels like there is no way out of the place.

But the rapper had big dreams since he was a child; he started producing in seventh grade and was 12 years old. He and his best friend Larry would be in a hurry to go home from school to make beats and record songs.

He had a little makeshift studio that his father made for him and supported his choices. When he was a high school junior, he got his first actual equipment and was on preliminary expulsion from school.

LaRussell at The Greek Theater
LaRussell at The Greek Theater ( Source : instagram )

While he was away from school for a month, he made music and started to learn how to mix and master everything related to music by himself. He began to take his music career seriously when he reached his senior year in high school.

He started rap battles in school for money, and later, he began to gain popularity and reputation. After LaRussell graduated high school, he started to learn music.

As a musician, he lets the music speak for itself and tries to remain honest and open and make his song as accurate as possible. Through experience and influence, he has learned a lot about people. For him, it is crazy to watch people he once grew up with change when they get attention.

He has taught many people to write, produce and mix rap, but he doesn't get anything in return and gets left with nothing, but he believes that his time is near.

LaRussell's Net Worth

LaRussell has a net worth of less than $1 Million.

He earns his net worth from his musical career, has started selling shares from his catalog, and owns a company known as Good Compenny. He also has his merch.

The rapper wants to build a community through his music and business by letting his fans profit from his musical endeavors.

His Catalog Shares

In November 2021, he officially announced that he was selling shares of his catalog. The basic idea about the shares is that people can purchase the opportunity to get royalties from his tracks and make money passively while his music is streamed. 

LaRussell stated that when he makes money, there is 100% revenue. He started selling his shares for $250-$1000, he has been dividing dividends with his team, and any problem hasn't arisen; it is only a threat when potential investors have bad intent.

LaRussell wearing Good Compenny merch
LaRussell wearing Good Compenny merch( Source : instagram )

His Good Compenny

Good Compenny is an independently owned funded platform; they do not charge the artists they work with. The company mostly runs through donations, and money is utilized to create new content, merch, shows, and help upcoming artists get exposure and resources to showcase their talent.

They do all of their covers, marketing, promotion, and video production; they mix and master all of their music, basically a fully independent creative team.

LaRussell Rapper's Girlfriend

The rapper hasn't shared any details about his girlfriend.

He is mainly seen promoting his content and other artists associated with his company. He is currently married to his career and focusing on building a better future.

There is no news about him being romantically involved or linked with.