Kristin Booth's Husband Tim Ware Is An Actor/Writer

Actress Kristen Booth's husband, Tim Ware, is an Actor/Writer.
Actress Kristen Booth's husband, Tim Ware, is an Actor/Writer.( Source : mydevotionalthoughts )

The Signed Sealed Delivered Actress Kristin Booth's husband, Tim Ware, is an actor and a writer.

Tim Ware was one of the writers for the movie 'Winter's Dream,' a hallmark channel original movie released in 2018.

Additionally, Tim, an actor, appeared in the 1998 movie Powerplay. Despite having a career in acting, he is best known for being Writer.

Tim's wife, Kristin, is a celebrated Canadian actress. She was recently seen in the third season of the amazon prime superhero series the boys and CBS's Working Moms.

Kristin, with her experience in movies, television, and theatre, her movies have made it into the Toronto International Film Festival film selections; 'Foolproof' opposite Ryan Reynolds, 'Defendor,' 'On the Line,' and 'This Beautiful city' are some of them.

Who is Kristin Booth's Husband Tim Ware?

The Boys actress Kristin Booth is married to her husband, Tim Ware, who hails from Toronto, Canada.

Tim attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he played college hockey for Golden Gaels.

Ware lived with his mother, Deb, two brothers, and a father who played college football for the University of Toronto and the Queens like Tim.

Tim and his two brothers grew up playing hours and hours of hockey in their makeshift backyard rink made by their father, who coached them and gave out advice.

Kristen's husband Tim grew up in Canada with two brothers playing hockey in their backyard rink with their father.
Kristen's husband Tim grew up in Canada with two brothers playing hockey in their backyard rink with their father. ( Source : instagram )

Tim's first project as a writer with his wife, Kristin, started as 'The Heart of The Mountain' and was later known as the Hallmark Channel Original movie, 'The Winter's Dream.

Also, Tim's wife, Kristin, was the executive producer for the movie.

The writer is a family person through and through, and one can observe that while going through his Instagram handle.

He's seen spending time with his in-laws and Kristin's parents and has a great bond with them.

Kristin Booth and Tim Ware's Relationship Timeline

Actress Kristin Booth and her husband, Tim Ware, are in their 16th year of marital bliss as of 2022.

They began dating in 1999 and only married each other after seven years of dating.

The actress and writer couple got married on 16 September 2006 in a beautiful Fall wedding ceremony.

Kristen Booth and Husband Tim got married on 16 September 2006 in Muskoka.
Kristen Booth and Husband Tim got married on 16 September 2006 in Muskoka. ( Source : instagram )

As for their wedding in September, an outdoor ceremony hosted on the lakeside surrounded by fall colors in Muskoka, Central Ontario, Canada.

Kristen wore an Ines Di Santo tulle wedding gown with dahlia petals for her special day while Tim was the perfect groom with a Tux and a rose buttonaire.

They have now spent over two decades together and their relationship has stood the test of time, for sure.

The pair now live in Canada, their time switiching between two cities; Toronto and Vancouver. 

Does Kristin Booth Have Any Children?

Actress Kristin Booth has a ten-year-old daughter with her husband of sixteen years, Tim Ware.

Their daughter, Finlay, often referred to as Fin, was born on February 25, 2012.

The couple is very fond of their daughter and frequently shares her images on their socials.

Kristen Booth has a daughter named Finlay with husband Tim Ware.
Kristen Booth has a daughter named Finlay with husband Tim Ware. ( Source : instagram )

Tim is a girl dad through and through, as most of his Instagram posts are his daughter Fin doing things from fishing to going to Disneyland.

And fishing seems to be her favorite activity. She also went fishing with Kristen's dad Brian, and her grandpa, as well.

Fin loves participating in outdoor activities, including camping with her parents, swimming, playing on open fields, fishing, and much more.

Kristen and Tim's Instagram Profiles

Kristen Booth returned to Instagram in October after taking a social media break in August this year.

Her husband, Tim, is also on Instagram as @timware48 but hasn't posted anything since May 2021, his latest post being a mother's day wishes for his wife, Kristen.

Kristen is on Instagram as @kristintbooth; she has 11.4K followers on Instagram with 2189 followers and has posted 2225 times.

Kristen is an actress, a painter, and a pilates instructor. She posts about her fitness and yoga classes and her mushroom paintings on tea towels.

She is not the one to hesitate to use her platform to raise her voice on various issues, including the Roe vs. Wade case and the Texas elementary school massacre.

Tim's Instagram profile seems to be his family photo album, with his daughter Fin making most of the appearances, along with his wife, parents, brothers, and in-laws.

With only 29 posts, It's either him sharing his love for his family or his work as a writer.

One thing that can't be missed from their Instagram is Kristen and her family's love for Halloween.

Halloween is taken very seriously in their household, and everyone is always dressed to the nines for the event.

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