Kelsey Darragh Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating?

Kelsey Darragh was dating her ex-boyfriend DJ Kap Slap aka Jared but is currently single.

Kesley was in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend, DJ Kap, for five years.

DJ Kap was born on October 4, 1989, in Lexington, MA, and had a passion for music from a young age. DJ Kap is popularly known for his Electronic dance music mashup sets.

Kelsey spending quality time with her dog Hippo
Kelsey spending quality time with her dog Hippo ( Source : instagram )

He entered the industry a long time back and is paving his way to success. He once toured extensively in 2011, which helped him cover more than twenty shows in nine months. DJ Kap debuted in 2011 but gained popularity in 2010 after he had composed his first mashup track.

Kap has enjoyed the taste of success from the beginning of his career and has a net worth of $1 million as a DJ. He is considered one of the top listed DJs from the United States of America as he spreads his magic, making everyone groove on his beats.

Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas aka Kap Slap Relationship

Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas, aka Kap Slap, were in a relationship for five years. 

The Youtube star dated American DJ Kap Slap in the year 2017. The two started their relationship and announced that it was official through one of Kelsey's videos that she was in a "Serious Relationship." The couple was shipped by their fans when seen in different shows together.

Kelsey and DJ Kap kissing in front of New York Library.
Kelsey and DJ Kap kissing in front of New York Library. ( Source : instagram )

During the phase of their relationship, Kelsey confirmed that she was battling a health condition known as Trigeminal Neuralgia which triggers her making her have panic attacks sometimes. Kelsey once tweeted what her boyfriend should be doing in such times, in reply to which DJ Kap had appreciated his girlfriend opening up to him and readily said yes to help her out in any way possible.

Kelsey and DJ Kap had a strong bond in the past and were idolized as a perfect couple. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, they had to split apart on August 9, 2022. 

Why Did They Breakup? IG Post Announcement

Kelsey Darragh announced her breakup with DJ Kap as the love had ended between them via an Instagram post.

Kelsey told via her Instagram on August 9, 2022, that the relationship with her ex-boyfriend DJ Kap has now ended. The video producer posted a picture of her and Kap and wrote a lengthy caption explaining the end of their five-year relationship.

Caption posted by Kelsey explaining about her breakup with ex-boyfriend DJ Kap
Caption posted by Kelsey explaining about her breakup with ex-boyfriend DJ Kap ( Source : instagram )

She wrote how the love has ended between them, but the moments they spent together can't be gone. Furthermore, she noted how they felt that they were soulmates from the day they met but sadly, they came to know that they weren't.

However, Kelsey says even though their love ended, she won't ever consider their relationship a failure as they have grown into a great individual throughout their relationship. She made the heartbreaking post on her official Instagram, kelseydarragh and her TikTok profile.

Some FAQs

How long were Kesley Darragh and DJ Kap Slap together?

Kesley Darragh and DJ Kap Slap were together for 5 years.

What is Kesley Darragh diagnosed with?

Kesley Darragh is diagnosed with constant Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia.

How old Kesley Darragh and DJ Kap Slap are?

Kesley Darragh and DJ Kap Slap are 32 years and 33 years old respectively.

Where is Kesley Darragh from?

Kesley Darragh is from Tampa, Florida but later moved to Los Angeles, California.