Why Is She So Thin?

Katherine Jenkins has stated that she had been "too thin" on several occasions throughout her life.

She used to be self-conscious about her appearance and allowed herself to become extremely thin when she was younger.

When she appeared on America's Dancing With The Stars (DWTS), she dropped too much weight. She claims she doesn't want to be that skinny again, and her mother (Susan) will not let it. 

She stated that she wanted to maintain her fitness after competing on DWTS, so she began running. She completed a half marathon before running the London Marathon. She also thought about doing a triathlon next. 

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Her Illness: What Has happened To Her?

Katherine discovered she had a disease affecting one in every 140 pregnant women in the United Kingdom. Katherine told The Sun last year that her second pregnancy had difficulty and she had cholestasis.

She believed her sensitive skin was due to straining at first. She eventually got a blood test and discovered that her liver was malfunctioning, which can have catastrophic consequences.

The actress was eventually diagnosed with cholestasis, a condition in which the flow of bile is disturbed. Itching and discoloration of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes resulting from this. Cholestasis can occur early in pregnancy, but it is more common in the second and third trimesters. 

Her Current Health Condition

The opera singer discusses her daily struggles with parental worry but claims her body image issues are now a thing of the past as she concentrates on staying healthy for her small family. 

When she appeared on the US show in May 2012, she indicated that she understands why people are concerned, but that they shouldn't be. 

She has made the decision to focus on healthy living and lifestyle rather than worrying about her weight because it is more essential in her life. She used to crash diet a lot when she was younger. It's now about putting good things into her body to give her the energy she needs to care for her children, go to work, and be the greatest version of herself, she adds. 

Katherine pulls up a photo on her phone of herself and the kids backstage at the Royal Albert Hall, seven weeks after giving birth, on the night she sang at the Classic Brit Awards. Katherine has a tiny Xander in her arms, and Aaliyah is hidden beneath the folds of Katherine's baby-pink gown. 

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