Is Karen Harrington The Killer Of The Toddler Santina Cawley- Was It Murder Or Accidental Death?

Cork city residents Karen Harrington is the cruel murderer of the two-year-old toddler Santina, who was found unresponsive in their apartment. In July of 2019, the toddler's tiny fame got located in her residence as a medical person, Sgt Brian Teahan, spoke about how he had to use two fingers to perform CPR as he was too scared to injure her body. 

The forensic report suggests that the child suffered misery before taking her last breath, as her wounds indicated her assailant that lost their temper and got into a hysterical attack. Upon further investigation, the episodes seem to have stemmed from an argument between the murderer and Santina's father as she unleashed her anger toward the girl.

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Was Karen Harrington Found Guilty By The Court Of Law- How Long Is Her Prison Sentence?

After the four-hour trial concluded, Karen Harrington got convicted of murder through a unanimous verdict, but her prison sentences remain under review. The jury finalized the decision based on evidence suggesting the demise of traumatic brain injury and upper spinal cord injury with 53 separate injuries.

Det Garda Dennehy played a pivotal role as he was one to show pictures of her alive and smiling and convinced the jury to extend her stay behind bars. 

Who Is Karen Harrington- What Is Her Age?

Mahon native Karen Harrington is a woman who lived in her apartment at Elderwood Park on the Boreenamanna Road in Cork and was 38 years old. The lady in question had no history of violence, as she singled handly raised her three sisters since her teenage years after a family crisis left her family devoid of guardians.

Her lover, Michael Cawley, could not believe his ears as he considers his partner to be children lover. The pair met by chance on MacCurtain St, following the separation from his former wife, Bridget O’Donoghue, the mother of his three children.