Kaliyah Dearing Murder Case, Was The 16-Year-Old Pregnant When Shot By Jeremiah Battle?

Kaliyah Dearing was shot to death in November 2017
Kaliyah Dearing was shot to death in November 2017( Source : ydr )

Kaliyah Dearing was shot to death back in 2017 and people thought that she was pregnant when she died.

When the shooting happened it was not only Dearing but her sister Natasha Harner, who was also there. Netizens still look forward to having an insight into the case although the incident took place a few years ago.

The victims of the shooting on November 9, 2017, in their bedroom were identified as sisters Natasha Harner, 24, and Kaliah Dearing, 16. When Jeremiah Battle broke into the home where three sisters were staying, he fatally shot two of them in the bedroom.

Was Kaliyah Dearing Pregnant When Shot By Jeremiah Battle?

There were rumors that Kaliyah was pregnant when she was shot by Jeremiah Battle. So far, there was no evidence that, confirms her being pregnant.

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Kaliyah and Natasha lived with a third sister who was possibly in her late teens or early twenties as stepsisters who had grown up together.

Neighbors claimed that the third sister was the one who, upon returning home from work on Thursday at 5 p.m., found her two sisters dead. It was unclear how long they had been dead.

The man explained that a broken windshield wiper was what caused the event to start when authorities enquired about it. 

The authorities asked Dearing's mother if she was pregnant during her death, but she didn't provide any accurate answer. However, she cried over the question, this might give a hint that she could be pregnant.  

When Battle shot the two sisters, he then moved their bodies, partially covered them, and grabbed two-shot shells from the room, according to the transcript from his sentencing earlier this year.

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Learn About Kaliyah Dearing Murder Case

Kaliah Dearing, 16, was discovered dead on November 9 at around 5 o'clock. According to officials, Battle was taken into custody on Thursday at his residence.

Dearning knew her murderer through their common friend. After they became friends, Jeremiah Battle occasionally offered them a ride in his car.

Battle mentioned that the murder was caused due to the commotion of damage to the windshield wiper, however, Dearing's mother claimed the reason would be more than a windshield.

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Know Kaliyah Dearing Murdered Jeremiah Battle Sentence 

After the terrible murder of Kaliyah Dearing and her sister, Jeremiah Battle is still behind bars and is currently serving a life sentence. For the murder of two cherished and revered young sisters, he was actually given two consecutive life sentences.

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Battle showed up at their residence. He was seen by a neighbor at the door. He either admitted himself inside or forced his way inside "with the intent to conduct violence," according to court filings. He found Kaliah and Harner in a second-floor bedroom.

He brutally shot Kaliah Dearing and Natasha Harner on November 9 in their Logan Street home. Battle, 23, pled guilty to murder and burglary charges. Judge Deborah E. Curcillo sentenced him to life in prison plus an extra 20 years. 

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