Justice Stephen Breyer is an American lawyer; he has done an excellent service to the country by serving as an associate justice of the US Supreme Court. Stephen is retiring from his job; let's learn about his political leaning, whether he is conservative or liberal. 

President Bill Clinton appointed Stephen in the position of Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court in 1994. He preceded Harry Blackmun. Later, the lawman became Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. 

Likewise, he graduated from Standford University and changed his university to Magdalen college. Later, he graduated from the prestigious law school Harvard University with an LLB degree which helped him achieve a prominent position in his professional path. 

Justice Stephen Breyer Political Leaning: Is He Conservative Or Liberal? 

Justice Stephen Breyer is associated with the liberal wing of the court as preceded the Harry Blackmun. President Joe Biden and a member of congress called Stephen Breyer to resign so that the government could nominate a younger liberal justice. 


However, Breyer wished to retire after the end of his term in 2021-2022. He is not a conservative as he seems to serve as an associate judge for the liberal wing. It has nearly been three decades since he served in the leading position. 

Breyer has brought many reforms and laws to the justice system, including Death Penalty, Environment, Abortion, Health care, Partisan gerrymandering, Voting rights, and other judicial philosophy in his tenure. The judge pursues active liberty and advocates for the justice and freedom of an individual. 

Who Is Justice Stephen Breyer Replacement?

Justice Stephen Breyer shall retire on 30th June 2022 on Thursday. Breyer is already 83 years old be had announced his retirement in January after ending this term. Breyer's successor is Kentaji Brown Jackson. 


Kentaji is an American attorney and jurist; she has served as United States circuit judge and US court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Similarly, she is designated in the position of associate justice as the judge shall assume office by 30th June 2022. 

Similarly, she is a graduate of Harvard University. Also, she was born in Miami, Florida. Before her career as a circuit judge, she performed various clerkships for Stephen Breyer. She was later appointed to the US court for the District of Columbia. 

She is married to surgeon Patrick Graves Jackson. From her husband's family, she is related to the former speaker of the House, Paul Rayan. Kentaji also has two daughters, Leila and Talia. She is a non-denominational protestant and values liberty like her predecessor as well. 

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Why Is Justice Stephen Breyer Leaving? Step Down Reason

Breyer is quite old for his age to work as a justice associate. He is 83 years old; also, president Biden wanted to bring young associates to the justice department who shall bring more innovative and energetic ideas for the justice system.

Ketanji was nominated by Barack Obama, who seems to bring empowerment and motivation. Also, she was appointed to the position of the US sentencing committee. The committee was focused on guiding the range of offenses raised due to crack cocaine. 

The judge amended "Drugs minus two' and implemented a two offense-level reduction for drugs. Barack Obama later nominated her in 2012 for the US district court judge in the District of Columbia. The main motive for the Breyer's stepping down is concerned with the impending cases that he was able to solve.