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Julia Holcomb kept her attractive so she could catch the attention of Steven Tyler. While some said she was 14, it was later revealed that her actual age was 16 when she dated the singer.

When Holcomb was 15 years old, she met an older groupie who groomed her to catch a rockstar. Her effort worked out and Steven adopt Julia soon after they met in a concert.

Steven Tyler and his 16 years old girlfriend Julia Holcomb
Steven Tyler and his 16 years old girlfriend Julia Holcomb ( Source : Pinterest )

At that time, Holcomb thought that was the best thing ever happened in her life. She went to Boston with Steven after the concert. Steven convinced her mother to hand him, Julia, as guardian and that he would enroll her in school.

By then, Holcomb was fully under the control of Steven, and she also got somehow lost in rock and roll culture where drugs and explicit relationships would be entertained. After some time being in a live-in relationship with Steven, he expressed his interest in having a child.

She was still underage and was taking pills to avoid getting pregnant. They planned the child, and then she got ready to carry a child. But her end was more tragic than she would have ever imagined. She later wrote an article where she mentioned her relationship with Steven.

The name of her memoir is The Light of the World, which was published on LifeSiteNews. She is today an accomplished artist and pro-life activist, ambassador speaker. 

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Julia Holcomb Age Now, Why Was She Adopted By Steven?

Julia Holcomb was adopted by Steven Tyler, which did not have a good ending. Holcombe was a groupie.

The word is typically used to refer to young women who follow rock stars for a sexual or emotional relationship and have a place in the rock and roll scene.

But, it also refers to a fan of a certain band who essentially follows the band members when they are touring and performing.

They first met backstage at a concert in Portland, Oregon, in November 1973, when she was only 16 and Steven Tyler was 25.

When Tyler developed a strong interest in Julia and the two traveled to Boston immediately after the concert, their relationship began right away.

Steven took permission from Julia's mother to have her guardianship. With her mother's approval, she got adopted by Steven. However, being her guardian, he did not do any good to her but rather convert the relationship into a toxic one.

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Did Julia Holcomb Have Her Baby? Pregnancy Details

When Julia Holcomb and Steven Tyler were having a live-in relationship, Tyler mentioned that he wanted to have a child with her. She was still underage at that time and was under the pills to avoid getting pregnant. 

Julia Holcomb speaks about her abortion
Julia Holcomb speaks about her abortion ( Source : Lacrossetribune )

Tyler threw her pills and made her believe that she would be the caretaker of her and their child. Since he was her only hope and a guardian, she believed him, and the two planned the pregnancy. After a year, she was carrying a baby.

Soon after she got pregnant, Tyler started showing his true color by stepping back with his idea of getting married and putting her a pressure for an abortion.

She realized how she got fooled by Tyler, and he was having even an affair with another groupie named Bebe Buell with whom he got a daughter, Liv Tyler.

Julia had to go through the abortion despite her disagreements as Tyler became more violent. She now shares her story with others including students. 

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