Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is currently hospitalized at the Makati Medical Center because of complications from COVID-19, which he contracted earlier this week. However, he is still in a condition where he can write a response directed toward his detractors.

He tells those who disagree with him not to applaud enthusiastically as he will not die yet. On the contrary, he states, he was blessed with exceptionally skilled medical professionals.

Is Juan Ponce Enrile Still Alive? What Happened To Him?

Juan Ponce Enrile, who served as president of the Senate in the Philippines, is 98 years old. He is currently quarantined in a hospital because of COVID-19.

He revealed that he had checked himself into Makati Medical Center three days earlier when he was told that he had a positive diagnosis of the COVID virus. Never once did he experience any annoyance or distress. There was no shivering, no fever, and no headache.

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His temperature swings from 36.2 to 368.2 degrees Celsius during the day. His oxygen levels in the body range anywhere from 96 to 99. His physical, vital signs, and blood chemistry measurements are within normal ranges.


Enrile, on the other hand, has stated that additional testing has shown that he has a minor case of COVID-19 pneumonia. Since he maintains a pretty strong physique despite his advanced age, he has become the focus of internet memes. The implication is that he may have been ordered to continue living to carry out more responsibilities.

Juan Ponce Enrile Family

Enrile was born in Gonzaga, Cagayan, to Petra Furagganan. His Spanish mestizo father was the powerful regional politician and respected lawyer Alfonso Ponce Enrile, but he was already married when Enrile was born. He was an illegitimate child.

He was reunited with his father in Manila when he was a young man, and he received his secondary education at Saint James Academy in the nearby town of Malabon. His father went through the proper channels to have his name legally changed to Juan Ponce Enrile, the name he intended to use when he enrolled in pre-law school.


Enrile's wife, Cristina Castaer, is a former ambassador for the Philippines to the Holy See. They have two children, a son named Juan Jr. (Jack) and a daughter named Katrina.

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Juan Jr. served as a congressman for the 1st District of Cagayan and ran for a Senate seat under the UNA banner in 2013. Katrina is the current CEO of Enrile's company, Jaka Group, which is the owner of the Philippine Match Company. 

Juan Ponce Controversies

In January of 2013, while Enrile was serving as President of the Senate, he was accused of using money from a Senate account known as MOOE to give Christmas gifts to senators who did not oppose him.

Consequently, he resigned from his position as President of the Senate without providing an adequate response to the situation.

The latest instance of Enrile's involvement in the theft of public cash occurred in September 2013. It pertained to the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), sometimes known as the pork barrel fund.


Janet Napoles is accused of illegally funneling twenty billion pesos worth of Priority Development Fund money through a variety of phony non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that she controls, with the majority of the money ending up in the hands of a senator.