Aaron Flener participated in golf while attending Lipscomb University and now works as a caddie on the PGA Tour. During his time at Lipscomb, he actively participated in the sport.

Lipscomb University granted him a bachelor of science degree in Business Management, and he also received minors in both the Bible and Computer Information Systems.

He is the caddie of JT Poston, an American professional golfer.

Who Is JT Poston Caddy Aaron Flener?

Aaron Flener has been Poston's caddie on the PGA Tour for a considerable time. According to him, they have already been working together for close to four years.


Before that, Aaron had a two-year stint working for Stephan Jaeger; before that, he had a two-year stint working for Kent Bulle.

Aaron's hometown, Glasgow, Kentucky, is where he spent his entire childhood. He has two brothers, Luke and Brett, who are his biological family, and two additional siblings who are also all males from the same family.

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As a senior in high school, he became acquainted with Kenny Perry. The latter significantly facilitated the former student's acceptance onto the golf team at Lipscomb.

Growing up, he looked up to him as a golfing legend, so the fact that he was able to provide a hand in getting Aaron a spot on the team is something for which Aaron will be eternally thankful.

Aaron Flener Wife?

He has never been married and does not have any children of his own. He is the ecstatic uncle of Annabelle and Ivy Flener, of who he is very proud. They are his brother Luke and his sister-in-law Heather's children.

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Both Luke and his younger brother Brett received their education at Lipscomb University. Nashville is home to all four couples: Luke and Heather, Brett and his wife, Samantha. Bowling Green, in Kentucky, is where his parents have made their home.

JT Poston Net Worth 2022: His Career Earning Details

It is anticipated that J. T. Poston possesses a net worth of approximately 6 million dollars in the United States. In addition to that, he has been the owner of a significant automobile collection. In addition, he is the proud proprietor of a stunning home.

J.T. Poston has raked in a total of $7,173,351 in prize money throughout his professional career, which works out to an annual average of $1,434,670.

He began playing professionally in 2016, and he has been playing for a total of 6 years. In the year 2022, J.T. Poston has brought in a total of 162,460 dollars thus far. His finest year was 2018-2019, when he earned a total of $2,461,215 in revenue.


Regarding his salary, we do not have access to very much information at this time. However, as soon as we receive it, we will make the necessary changes to the information.

He signed up for the PGA Tour in 2015 to start his professional golfing career. He has recently been participating in the John Deere Classic Tournament and performing well.

During his professional career, he has garnered one victory worthy of the title. The month of October 2020 is when he achieved the highest rating in his career.