Jorge Giacobbe Wikipedia Edad - Who Is His Hijo?

The consultant and political analyst Jorge Giacobbe
The consultant and political analyst Jorge Giacobbe( Source : perfil )

Jorge Giacobbe is a consultant and political analyst.  The journalist was one of the most recognized public opinion consultants. He was 67 years old at the time of his demise.

Jorge has been serving as the president of the consulting firm Giacobbe & Asociados, Opinion Pública SA, since 2000. After completing his economic studies at the University of Morón and law studies at the University of Buenos Aires, he was directed toward his goals and started consulting activities in 1992.

Jorge Giacobbe Wikipedia Edad

Being a renowned political analyst, he is still to be discovered on Wikipedia. Talking about his age, he was born in 1954 and died at 67.

Talking about his career, he worked as an assistant manager of Patrimonial Protection for YPF from 1984 to 1987. 

The Analista político was also a former auditor of the Audit Commission of Accounts of State Companies of the Honorable Senate of the Nation. He has served as a public opinion speaker for more than 20 years and built himself into a well-established person in the field of journalism.

The consultant Jorge Giacobbe analyzed the crisis of the countries in the region
The consultant Jorge Giacobbe analyzed the crisis of the countries in the region( Source : com )

Additionally, he has been a member of the Advisory Council of Poder Ciudadano and the Center for implementing Public Policies for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC). During his tenure, he greatly appreciated his charismatic and entertaining behavior.

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About Jorge Giacobbe Family Hijo 

Jorge Giacobbe has not disclosed any information about his family, but it has been reported that his son Jorge Giacobbe Jr. is also a political analyst. He is currently 43 years old, as his birth date was June 23, 1979. He speaks on various issues with his exceptional and solid style of analyzing society.

Giacobbe Jr. bid his dad farewell with a heavy heart and an emotional tribute letter. He said that he had lost his idol and his inspiration. Several political personalities gave sympathy with touching messages. 

He holds a bachelor's degree in Social Communication from UCES (the University of Business and Social Sciences) and finished his postgraduate studies in Psychology, Marketing, and Public Opinion at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

Giacobbe Jr. declared his father's death in a post on his Twitter account and wrote, " You were both a friend and a mentor to me, in addition to my father. You've spent your entire life teaching me many things with your virtues and even more generously instructing me on many others with your flaws.

What Is Jorge Giacobbe Net Worth?

An accurate estimation of Jorge Giacobbe's net worth is not available, but it is assumed that he has approximately $15 million. Political analysts gave their opinion on how political systems originate, develop, and operate.

Comparably, the average political analyst in the US earns $73,397 with an average bonus of $2,640, which represents 4% of their salary. It is one of the reputed professions that conduct research and investigate governments, political ideas, policies, political trends, and foreign relations.

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