From being a successful film actor, Jet Li is also a successful father with four beautiful daughters named Jane Li, Jada Li, Si Li, and Taimi Li. Li had two wives and two daughters from each. 

Jet Li married actress Huang Qiuyan in 1987 and had two daughters Si Li and Taimi Li. After getting divorced in 1990, Li married a Hongkong actress, Nina Li Chi in 1999. From Li and Chi, there are two daughters named Jane Li and Jada Li. 

Jet Li has a good family now and has been living well with his two youngest daughters who are involved with him to take forward the philanthropist works of the non-profit organization called One Foundation. 

His eldest two daughters are not actively seen on social media or any public places but the youngest daughters are actively participating in different events and social causes. The actor is now settled in Singapore after retirement from the work because of health causes. 

Here is some basic information about the four daughters including their current status and exposure in public spaces.


Si Li

Si Li is the first daughter of Jet Li and Huang Qiuyan she was born in 1988 and her photos and personal life are not exclusive at the current times. Si Li is not seen on social media or in public. 

Jet Li's daughter from the first wife has not been in public spaces. Si Li is currently in her mid-30s and is not generally seen in any type of media platform. 

As it is generally noted that the star kids are generally involved in a similar field or active in social media. However, Si Li has not been in any of these spaces and the mysterious life of jet Li's daughter is going on. 

There are several rumors regarding the situation of Si Li that the family conditions made her away from social media and any other types of public spaces. 

Such rumors are generally seen in the star family and the criticisms in the public are quite too much. There are several reasons to be considered and assumed regarding the lack of presence of Si Li in public spaces. 

The social media and internet platforms have not clearly shown the net worth and another different statuses of Si Li. For any kind of personal information regarding to Si Li, Jet Li's reference is taken. 

Moreover, it is known that Si Li is still unmarried. Personal information is not disclosed in public regarding the current financial, domestic, and career status of Si LI. 

Taimi Li

After Si Li, Taimi Li is the second daughter of Jet Li from his first wife Huang Qiuyan and was born on July 16, 1989, she is also seen less in public spaces. She also has a private life outside of the media. 

The name Taimi is derived from a Finnish word whose meaning is sapling. The modest life of Taimi Li is attractive because she does not want attention despite being a star kid. 

In the present time, Taimi has a secret and normal life and does not appear much on social media. Jet's daughter does not prefer to show up anything and have a prominent life. Taimi is completely focused on helping her father to run a non-profit organization named One Foundation. 

Unlike her elder sister, she does not have many rumors and criticisms spread by the media. As she is seen donating and getting involved in charitable works, criticisms about having a suspected secret life do not generally follow Taimi. 

The net worth and other relationships are not made public by Taimi Li. Both sisters, Taimi and Si, have a common thing about revealing their relationship and financial status. Her financial status is also based on the situation of her father, Jet. 

The introverted nature of Taimi Li is believed to be because of the emotions that passed from her mother when she was in the womb. Her mother got into divorce quarrels when she was in the womb and the sad emotions of her mother influenced the current sad character of Taimi Li. 

Like her father, she also has become a philanthropy ambassador for several in-need people in the country. The detailed information about Taimi is still a mystery and is not disclosed officially.

Taimi Li also wanted to take in the footsteps of her father and wanted to create good living opportunities for needy people in the country. She has been secretly involved in charitable works and other social causes. 


Jane Li

The third daughter of Jet Li and the first child of his second wife Nina Li Chi, Jane Li, was born on April 19, 2000, and her beauty is praised everywhere.  She is frequently seen in social spaces. 

She was born in Los Angeles when her parents moved to the United States after marriage. Jet Li stayed in the United States for a long time and abandoned his US citizenship in 2009 to let her and her sister have attendance in Singaporean schools. 

For more than a decade, Jane studied in Singaporean schools and currently studying at Harvard University. 

It is believed that Jane was aware of her father's career and popularity only after 7 years of age. Also, she did not feel good and was really upset when understood that the love she was receiving was due to her father's popularity and fan following. 

She kept the belief since then that she wanted to stand up on her own feet and make recognition for herself. She did not want to be known by her father's name but wanted to become popular as her father. 

She has been shaping her career since then and has been achieving great feats after she had the perseverance of becoming something on her own. 

Jane Li received an invitation from the Parisian debutante ball, also called Le Ball. It is a fashion event that happens every November and whose main motto is to increase funds for charity. 

Jane admits that she got her life back from a flood in the Maldives. Jet Li states that Jane was almost taken away by the Tsunami when they were on a family trip in the Maldives and other people saved her. 

Jane has been inspired by the incident in Maldives that this life has given her a chance so she must take the advantage of the chance to make something big for herself. Her passionate life has been growing well and has been making her father proud by making recognitions for her own. 

Her net worth is not disclosed but she is believed to have a good lifestyle and live in harmony and luxury with her family. 

Jane Li supports he father in philanthropy
Jane Li supports he father in philanthropy( Source : instagram )

Jada Li

Jada Li is Jet Li's youngest daughter and Nina Li Chi's second child who was born on Jan 1, 2003, and was raised up in the United States of America. She is also devoted to charitable works. 

She also stood on her own feet and has he own recognition now apart from being known as Jet Li's daughter. Moreover, for the 22-years old has been creating her own restaurant chain. Her way of thinking and being close to the public and their feelings are the major catching points. 

Marital status Jada is still single as she is quite young for marriage. There is no information or rumor regarding the relationship with Jada Li. She has established herself to become an independent woman and has maintained her boundaries. 

Jada Li is recognized as a growing businessman and an excellent philanthropist. 

As far as her study is concerned, Jada attended Phillips Academy, Andover. She recently graduated from Barnard College and is quite smart and hardworking. 

Her personal traits of being empathetic and compassionate is making her a philanthropist of high quality. She can understand the pain of being helpless and gives motivation and helps people to become strong and healthy. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jada was available on social media platforms to give mental support to people who were going through COVID-19 anxiety and depression. Her storytelling was so good and inspirational that it helped people to recover from the pandemic-caused anxiety. 

As far now, her net worth is unrevealed but she has been earning well with fast-food restaurant ownership. 

The family relationship quite strong with like-minded thoughts
The family relationship quite strong with like-minded thoughts( Source : zimbio )