Jessica Inskip's husband is James Inskip. Jessica Inskip's net worth is $ 1 million. 

She is the Education & Product Director at OptionsPlay, a technical and analytical options trading platform.

OptionsPlay is built with simple charts and statistics so that clients of all levels of expertise can profit from the advantages of trading options.

Who Is Jessica Inskip CNBC? 

Jessica Inskip is an inspiring woman who works in the field of self-directed investment as an advanced product specialist. Presently, she serves for OptionsPlay as the Director of Education and Product.

Inskip is a licensed financial trainee with a FINRA Series 66, Series 4, Series 7, and Series 63 certificate. Her main objective is to provide knwowledge about finance and make it available to everyone.

She began her career in finance in 2009 and recently accepted an offer at OptionsPlay.

Inskip is responsible for fixing major industry problems through innovative thinking. As well as, her duties include continuing to drive the perspective of creative business concepts with a strong emphasis on possibilities.


Nonetheless, she has been providing an analytical and creative vision of business ideas for start-ups, with a strong emphasis on possibilities.

So far now, she has worked in the brokerage business over several firms in various capacities, including responsibilities specialized in enterprise strategic initiative prioritizing.

Inskip served in high-frequency trading, complicated options and derivative techniques, and high-net-worth affluent investor relationship management, among other areas.

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Jessica Inskip Wikipedia  Biography & Age

Jessica Inskip's biographical information has yet to be added to Wikipedia. She does, however, have a LinkedIn profile where her professional portfolio can be viewed.

OptionsPlay director, Jessica Inskip, must be in her mid-thirties, observing her appearance. Until now, the data on her birth date and true age is not known.


Jessica Inskip attended the College of Central Florida and earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Also, she holds a degree in Business and Organizational Management. 

She worked for Merrill Edge for five years and four months before joining OptionsPlay. In December 2016, the company hired her as an Assistant Vice President.

Jessica was later promoted to senior platform manager in July 2018, a position she held for over four years. She went on to work as a director for advanced trader strategy after that.

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Jessica Inskip Family With Husband James Inskip

Jessica Inskip has a lovely family with her husband James Inskip. On 25 July 2019, the couple married at St Peter ad Vincula in Coggeshall.

Jessica's Instagram handle @jess_inskip has various wedding photos of her and James. On their wedding day, the two appear to be exceedingly happy and lovely.

So far now, Jessica hasn't revealed her husband's profession publicly. Still, we believe he might be a businessman.


James Inskip's Instagram account is @james_inskip, and it is currently set to private. As a result, we were unable to learn more about him.

The Inskips also have a kid named Cole Smith, who appears to be around 7/9 years old. Their son studies at East Marion Elementary School.

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Jessica Inskip Net Worth & Career Earnings

At this point in her career, Jessica Inskip's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. As the product director for OptionsPlay, she must amass a huge fortune.

Inskip leads a brilliant life and is supposed to own opulent houses in the United States. Nonetheless, accurate information on her career earnings and assets is unavailable.


Jessica also served at Fidelity Investments. She worked as a Trading Executive Representative III, where she was responsible for informing clients on advanced options, order types, margins, ETFs, and other brokerage products.

While working at Scottrade in 2009, she helped her clients assisted her clients in setting and developing financial objectives. In addition to that, she has received several internal awards for outstanding customer service and the Branch Excellence Award.