Is Serial Killer Jesse Matthew Still Alive After Cancer Struggle? Where Is Today?

Jesse Matthew pleads guilty in slayings of college students
Jesse Matthew pleads guilty in slayings of college students( Source : washingtonpost )

Is Jesse Matthew Still Alive? The convicted killer for murdering Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington and University of Virginia student Hannah Graham has been rumored death. 

Jesse Matthew was found guilty of murder charges of Virginia students. He pleaded guilty to killing Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham and made an Alford plea to a sexual assault in Fairfax County.

The incident happened more than a decade ago, in October 2009. Matthew was brought to Red Onion prison in 2016 with no chance of release. Under regular supervision, the jail inmates are facilitated with medical supervision. 

Jesse was diagnosed with cancer and was under the radar of medical service. With the infectious disease growing, Jesse was transferred to Sussex State Prison. 

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Is Jesse Matthew Still Alive? Cancer Update

Yes, Jesse Matthew is still alive, and no official news about his death has surfaced in the media. The convicted murderer was diagnosed with cancer earlier and was transferred to medical supervision. 

Jesse was moved from Red Onion prison to Sussex State Prison in 2019. Jesse was subsequently moved to a Richmond hospital after the illness became contagious. The press, however, has not received any updates from the authorities.

( Source : newsweek )

The journalist is raising questions about why a convicted murderer of two needs to be transferred from the maximum-security prison. The law enforcement officer is with Jesse all the time on defense by the police department.

VCU Medical Center has houses named "Secure Care Unit" for inmates with medical needs, including chemotherapy. The medical center is located 43 miles from the Sussex State Prison.

At the moment, his medical report has not been revealed. The test is ongoing, and once the results are in, the department of police will reveal the data.

Where Is Jesse Matthew At The Moment?

Jesse Matthew is present at VCU Medical Center, a hospital in Richmond. Under the surveillance of Virginia state police, Jesse is under medical support for growing cancer.

Jesse Matthew, the 38-year-old, spent most of his life in prison serving for the crime. He first disclosed his diagnosis during a phone interview with CBS 6 on May 8 but didn't mention much.

The officials have informed that Matthew has stage four colon cancer, meaning the disease has spread to distant parts of the body. Matthew had received four life prison terms without the possibility of parole or geriatric release.

The convicted murder was first arrested in September 2014. CBS6 was the first one to report the case on mainstream media. 

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Jesse Matthew A Serial Killer: Take A Look At His Biography

Jesse Matthew is a serial killer who was suspected of the murder of Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham. He later pleaded guilty to the charges and made an Alford plea to a sexual assault in Fairfax County.

Jesse is serving multiple life sentences for Virginia Tech students' 2009 and 2014 murders. In both of the crimes, Jesse pleaded guilty in front of the court in 2016. 

He was closely monitored in the Red Onion cell before being transported to Sussex. Many concerns were voiced regarding people's safety once he was transported to a hospital.

However, the department of police has assured the netizens that the situation is under control. 

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