Jasmine Burkitt, a reality star who appeared on shows broadcast on the BBC, passed away at 28. Jazz Burkitt, better known as Burkitt, made a guest appearance on the BBC Three show Small Teen Big World in 2010 to discuss her life as a person born with dwarfism.

Burke, who was engaged to her, stated that she was the strongest, funniest, kindest, and the most morally upright person he had ever met in his Facebook post announcing her death.

Jasmine Burkitt Death Cause

On social media, Jasmine Burkitt's fiance, Lewis-Burke, broke the news to their friends and family that she had passed away. Many people believe that her short stature contributed to her passing, even though the official cause of death has not been revealed.


Some patients with stunted development also have other physical issues, such as their legs being bent oddly or their spine being curved oddly. As they get older, their life expectancy drops off significantly. However, aside from her short stature, she was a perfectly healthy woman with no other conditions. In addition, most individuals who do not struggle with any additional significant issues can lead relatively normal lives and have normal life expectancies.

Despite this fact, she had just recently been admitted to the hospital for her physical and emotional health, but she was looking forward to getting back together with Lewis and their dog.

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Keeping in mind that Burkitt's family needs to maintain their privacy, let's postpone passing judgment for the time being and give him the chance to update us on the situation when he feels he is ready to do so.

Who Is Her Mum Bev Burkitt?

Bev Burkitt, the mother of Jasmine Burkitt, suffered from lung and breathing problems for most of her life and passed away in 2014.

Even though Bev had been sick for quite some time, her passing was a complete and utter surprise to everyone. According to Jazz, she had been sick for a couple of months, but the recovery process was extremely fast, which was, in a sense, a positive. She didn't have to endure an excessive amount of pain.


Jazz referred to her mother as a big character in their conversations. She continued by saying she exuded this love for herself, which was contagious to everyone she encountered. She had a fantastic sense of humor and made everyone around her laugh at all the right times.

One of the reasons we will miss her so terribly is that she was always the party's life. She was such a joyous character and had such a strong personality.

Jasmine Burkitt Husband / Partner

In 2011, after filming had finished, Jazz introduced herself to her future husband, Lewis-Burke.

The pair could not locate a suitable council property, so they have been sharing a tent in the woods since 2021.

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In addition, the two had launched a blog to keep their supporters informed of their progress. Growing Pains: An Inspirational True Story of Growing Up Small in a Big World was the title of her autobiography, which was published in 2013.