Jake Adelstein married the Japanese journalist Sunao Adelstein. Jake Adelstein and his wife are blessed with two children. 

Jake Adelstein is the author of the book Tokyo Voice. His book was created into a series and streamed on HBO max, aired on 7 April 2022.  

Jake Published his first book in 2009, Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police beat inspire, inspired by his years of stay in Japan. The book was well-received by readers as well as Critics. After the success of his first book, he wrote two more books, The Last Yakuza and, Pay the Devil in Bitcoin.

The release of Tokyo Voice, which stars A-listers celebrities from America and Japanese stars Ansel Elgort, Rachel Keller, Ken Watanabe, and Tomohisa as leads, is gaining a lot of curiosity among fans. And the personal life of The Crime writer, whose book inspired the series, is under the radar. 

All About Jake Adelstein Family 

Jake is married to Japanese Journalist Sunao. But there is not much information about her when the couple got married. 

Jake and Sunao met in Japan, where he was working as a Journalist in a News Media House. The couple dated one another for quite a few years before getting married. 

 There is not much Information about Sunao on the internet. Thus, we do not know about his family background, education, or age. But we know that she is helpful and supportive of her Husbands Career. 

How Many Children Does Jake And Sunao Adelstein Have? 

Jake and Sunao Adelstein are blessed, with two children. But the identities of the children are kept away from the Public. 

The couple seems to be private about their life. And choose not to reveal any details about their children. The only information we do know is that they are in their teenage. 

Maybe someday we hope to see Jake's family on his social media. But, for now, we can only be sure about his family's happiness in Jake's success.  

Jake Adelstein Journey from Missouri To Hollywood? 

Jake Adelstein came from a humble family in Missouri. At the age of 19, he moved to Japan for, further studies in Japanese Literature at Sophia University. 

After Jake's Undergraduate, he started working as a news writer for many Japanese media houses. From which he got to know more about the crime scene, the gangster, the crime rate, and many more information, which inspired his books. 

From 2007 to 2008, Jake did an in-depth study for his book Tokyo vice, and finally, in 2009, his first book got released and became an instant hit and number one non-fictional crime novel that year. 

And after 13 years of the release of his book, it is getting its television series adaptation. And it is getting a lot of praise from the audience.