Is Santan Dave Dead Or Still Alive? British Rapper Sparks Death Rumors

Dave beats Foals and Dido in UK album chart race
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The rumors about the rapper, Santan Dave's death have been flooding the web. But the official announcement has not been made on this and it can be assumed that he is still alive.

Santan Dave is a young British rapper who is also recognized by his stage name, Monikar Dave. He entered the music industry at the age of 10 and had already connected with outstanding singers like Drake.

Here is what we know about him.

Is Santan Dave Dead Or Still Alive? 

Santan Dave is still alive and enjoying his exceptional performance. After the rumors of his death appeared on several sites, people were eager to know about his well-being. Although the relevant information about this topic has not been published yet, We will keep you updated once we get the details about the rapper.

Santan was brought into this world on June 5, 1998, and is currently 24 years old. He is a member of the Rappers and the boldness in his voice is appreciated by millions of listeners. Among his several songs, "Six Paths,” “JKYL+HYD,” and “Thiago Silva" are the ones that are considered his most authentic works. He released his first debut single in 2016 and since then has become known as a vocalist and entertainer.

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British Rapper Sparks Death Rumors

The British rapper made headlines after his death rumors were sparked over the web. However, it is reported that these rumors are untrue. He has established his career and got to the position where he is renowned as being the most well-known rapper in Britain. It is not surprising that false rumors about famous personalities came out on the media to demoralize them. Sadly, Santan has also become the subject of death rumors, and it looks like someone stabbed him.


Following the release of several hit songs, Dave has grabbed the attention of people, and his socially conscious lyricism and wordplay are uncommon in the world of music. He was born to his Nigerian parents in the Brixton area of South London. Having him as a son is a fortune for their parents. He left his education to pursue his career in music, and he never felt downhearted about this decision.

What Happened To Santan Dave?

Santan Dave has become the topic of false rumors to demoralize the admirers of his successful career. However, it is still unclear what happened to the aspiring rapper. He was seen enjoying his exciting vacation at full speed. 


Apart from music, his affection for art and animation is also remarkable, and he plays the piano very well. His biggest inspiration is his elder brother, with whom he has practiced several songs and seemed to cherish their companionship. Additionally, his song "Addressing Time" was honored with the Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song. Watching him perform is truly a blessing, and his dedication to music will make him the brightest star in the entertainment industry.

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