Is Stranger Things Actor Eduardo Franco's Hair Real? 

The new character of Stranger Things, Argyle, portrayed by Eduardo Franco, has naturally long and luscious hair. It isn't just a wig used for the character.

After the season aired on the 27th of May 2022, the new character has been making significant rounds. He has been under media scrutiny with respect to his hair also.

Eduardo Franco as  Argyle in Stranger Things Season 4
Eduardo Franco as Argyle in Stranger Things Season 4

It is obvious for cyber citizens to be curious about his long hair. The actor has such a long and luscious hair that everyone can ever dream of in their life.

He is indeed blessed with good hair, which he flaunts gracefully. His hair has been long even before 2018, according to his earliest picture with long hair on his Instagram.

Though Stranger Things season 4 features many familiar faces, one of the best additions to the series is Argyle, Jonathon's pal whom he befriends after the Byers family leaves Hawkins for California.

Argyle is the quintessential '80s pothead, complete with a clutch job at a pizza shop that facilitates him with a van that would make the Scooby-Doo gang proud.

Strangers Things Season 4 cast Eduardo, Charlie Millie, Noah, and Finn.
Strangers Things Season 4 cast Eduardo, Charlie Millie, Noah, and Finn.

Eduardo, the actor behind the new character, might be new to this show, but the chances are good that you've seen him in one of various Netflix projects previously.

In the concrete, the character of Argyle was teased in 2020 when the details about the fourth season were uncovered. Other newcomers include Robert Englund and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Eduardo Franco Long Hairstyle

Twenty-seven years old, Eduardo Franco has been flaunting his signature long hairstyle for quite a prolonged time. He was seen with long hair in his most notable works, American Vandal and Theo.

If truth be told, he is notably recognized for his signature hairstyle. The fans accustomed to his face also refers to him as an actor with long black luscious hair with a side partition.

Long Hair actor Eduardo
Long Hair actor Eduardo

Additionally, the American actor looks great in his hairstyle. He rocks the hairstyle with any concept the character he portrays wants from him.

How Did He Grow His Hair? 

Stranger Things seasons 4 Argyle, played by Eduardo Franco, appears to immensely take care of his hair. The healthy, luscious hair has become his signature look.

In any case, it might be in his genes as well. Above all, individuals who take care of their hair by being cautious about their products, the diet they intake, and more tend to have healthy hair.

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