Is Deborah Roberts Related To Robin Roberts? Family Links Explained

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Sixty-one years old (born on September 20, 1960), Deborah Roberts is an American television journalist who works for ABC News. Fans wonder if she is connected to Robin Roberts.

Is it just us, or is it so difficult to keep track of who's connected and who's not in the public spotlight right now Deborah and Robin Roberts are both well-known ABC journalists?

So it's no wonder that there have been many concerns over the years about whether the two journalists are related because they share the same surname.

Deborah Roberts and Robin Roberts, who was born two months apart in 1960, are not related, as it turns out. In truth, they have nothing to do with each other! Roberts is a common last name, so it's not surprising that they have it in common.

Even though they are not sisters, they are incredibly close and refer to one another as such. "Proud to know my sister/friend Robin Roberts," Deborah tweeted in 2013. What a lovely gesture!

Although the two are not biological sisters, they each have biological sisters. Deborah Clarington, 61, grew up in Georgia and had an elder sister named Tina Clarington.

Deborah told ABC News in 2006 that Tina was the caretaker of her elderly parents because she lived closest to them.

Tina commented 14 years ago, "Some days, I simply feel like I'm doing everything." "Someone, please assist me right now!"

While there isn't much information on whether Deborah has any siblings, she has implied that she has after saying in an interview that she and her siblings were attempting to assist their parents out more.

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Deborah Roberts's Husband: Is She Married?

Deborah Roberts and her spouse, AI Roker, are married. Roberts lives in Manhattan with her husband, Al Roker, whom she married in September 1995. As a result, the couple has two children: a daughter and a son.

Roberts has a stepdaughter from her husband's previous marriage. Roberts began her career in television in 1982 with WTVM, a local station in Columbus, Georgia, and then moved on to WBIR, a local station in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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Deborah Roberts's Net Worth 2022

Deborah Roberts, a journalist, is expected to have a net worth of $5 million in 2022. She earns a lot of money thanks to her successful journalism career.

She worked for WFTV, a local television station in Orlando, Florida, from 1987 to 1990 as bureau chief/NASA field reporter/weekend news co-anchor.

She started as a general-assignment reporter for NBC News in 1990 and later became a correspondent for Dateline NBC and NBC News newsmagazine program.

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