Crip Mac is a well-known rapper currently inside a prison cell due to his conviction for concealing a weapon with a lock and key.

He keeps his fans entertained with well-written rap songs, most of which he posts on YouTube.He is best known for the recordings he has made on 55th Street. It is believed that both songs are alluding to the same subject matter, specifically the 55th Street Crips gang.

Mac is glad that he can help the rap industry and that his career as a professional rapper has brought him a lot of success and fame.

Is Crip Mac In Jail?

As reported by several sources, Crip Mac was taken into custody for illegally possessing a secured firearm with a lock and key. After being taken into custody for his involvement in the crime, Crip was sentenced to time behind bars.

According to the Twitter feed for the No Jumper show, Mac was assaulted because his previous Facebook posts showed him claiming a different gang. Fans are sending their best wishes for a swift recovery to the musician, though it is unclear who attacked the performer or what the Facebook messages were.


An image of Mac posted to social media in which he appeared to have been hurt and wounded has gained widespread attention from his devoted followers. The video was captured of him while he was a guest on the No Jump podcast in February.

The rapper appears to be listening to the radio while sitting in a car and staring at the camera. The movie was downloaded from the web.

What Happened To Crip Mac? Charges And Arrest

Crip Mac was taken into custody by a law enforcement official because he had a firearm. After Mac was released from prison in June 2021, he participated in an interview posted on the No Jumper YouTube channel.

He appeared on the show to fill his followers in on what he's been up to recently! Crip talks about getting into fights in jail, having a crush on Meg Thee Stallion, avoiding toxic relationships, new music with Teeflii, and much more!

Mac seems like a great guy who is honest and straightforward with everyone. Because of this, the people close to him enjoy spending time with him and get good energy from him.

He has been making rap music for a long time and has gained a lot of fans in a short amount of time.

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Who Is Crip Mac? His Wiki Explored

Crip was born on February 28, 1993, in the Golden State of California.

He and his family made the trip to Houston, Texas, to reside there for some time. Mac attended a high school in Houston, Texas, named Alief Elsik High Institution.


After leaving and under the significant influence of his family in Los Angeles, which was involved in gang activity then, Mac decided to return to Los Angeles and join the 50s Crip.

Mac has made available a great deal of music on his SoundCloud page, and he has also been included on the albums of several underground rap artists. Since then, Mac has been focusing most of his energy on his YouTube channel, where he regularly publishes videos depicting his life as a street criminal.

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