Rumors about Coco Lodge from Love Island being transgender circulate. However, neither the production nor the participant has addressed it.

On social media, there is simply a growing buzz. Many people are questioning this and are interested in learning more about her sexual orientation.

With its eighth season, one of the most popular dating programs in the world is Love Island. The show brings out so much gossip and rumor and here is already one that of Coco Lodge.

Is Coco Lodge Transgender? -Sexuality And Gender Exposed

There are speculations that Love Island contestant Coco Lodge is transsexual. And a lot of the show's viewers have been wondering about this and wanting to know more about her sexual orientation.


Coco does both rings and shoots girl duties. She describes herself as "very sympathetic," in addition to being a "kind of person that doesn't hold back with what they say" and a "no filter sort of person."

Added she, "I no longer care. Although it makes me a fantastic partner, I may occasionally be a pushover and fail to consider my feelings and emotions ".

If she was a transgender, she might not have shown interest in Davide. She admitted that she had her eye on Davide before entering the villa because she is an Italian as well.

He's handsome and reminds me a lot of my family, she said. "In my entire life, I've never actually seen someone so attractive!"

The 2022 season of Love Island is definitely heating up with Casa Amor introducing a number of new bombshells, like Coco Lodge, the graphic designer who is turning heads on the program.

The 27-year-old made an impression in the most recent Sunday show as soon as she and five other stunning women arrived at the villa and got to know both Andrew Le Page and Davide Sanclimenti.

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Watch Love Island Alum Before and After Photos

Coco Lodge has stayed silent on the show about her rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery surgeries.

There is usually alum before and after photos of participants. It might be later Coco Lodge's photo will be shared. 


Nobody is aware of how she acquired that stunning look, whether it was through genetics or cosmetic surgery; she withholds information about it until she chooses to reveal it in public. Additionally, the online images of her before and after transformation seem to be very similar.

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Did Coco Lodge Undergo Plastic Surgery?

In response to the subsequent avalanche of inquiries, it has been suggested that Coco Lodge underwent surgery to attain her stunning appearance.

But as of now, Lodge has refrained from talking about her nose job and plastic surgery on the show.

Therefore, regardless of how she got that lovely face, whether naturally or through cosmetic enhancement, it is kept a secret until she decides to disclose it in public. She also looks identical in her before and after photos, which are also readily available online.

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