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Is Cassidy Hutchinson Related To Asa Hutchinson? Family Details To Know

Cassidy Hutchinson testifying to the committee in White House.
Source : nbcnews

Cassidy Hutchinson is a prior aide and advisor of Mark Meadows the chief of Staff of Donald Trump during Trump's presidency. After her popularity in the media, people are concerned about whether Cassidy is related to Asa Hutchinson. 

Hutchinson joined the white house in March 2019 in the office of Legislative affairs. She testified on June 28, 2022, based on the January 6 Attack public hearing in front of the United States House of Select Committee. 

She is both lauded and criticized in the hearing about Trump's actions and the interested parties' involvement in January 6th attack. She was an advisor to Meadows till the removal of Trump's presidency.  

Is Cassidy Hutchinson Related To Asa Hutchinson? 

She does not seem to be related to Asa Hutchinson.

Asa is a politician and 46th governor of Arkansas state. He is with the; republican party, he had accomplished the position of U.S attorney before was one of his significant accomplishments. 


It is unlikely for Cassidy to be related to Asa by birth as he has four children Asa Hutchinson III, Seth Hutchinson, Sarah Hutchinson, and John Hutchinson.

Thus, Cassidy Hutchinson does not seem to be his blood relationship; therefore, there are possibilities for him not to be involved with her.

Cassidy seems to be cooperative in the allegations against Trump. She provided a clear picture to the audience and judges. She was an excellent advisor to the Chief of Army Staff.

Still, their incorrect decision parameter has a cost to the Trump administration, and further allegations have come forward after Trump after questioning Cassidy. 

Cassidy Hutchinson Family

Unfortunately, Cassidy's family details are not disclosed; it seems Hutchinson is from a humble background. She is focused, diligent, and ambitious, working to redeem her mistakes and make better career decisions. 


Cassidy shared information in an unscheduled hearing. She opened up about the issues concerning the trump administration. Also, she testified thoroughly to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and had requested a pardon for her indirect issues of capital. 

Likewise, her video was shared about her speaking in the White House in two different periods leading to the barging of people in the Capitol, which brought the destruction of life and property.

She explained the involvement of Meadows and unethical issues in the Trump administration. 

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Cassidy Hutchinson's Husband And Net Worth

Unfortunately, details about her relationship or married life are not available. She seems to be an eloquent and open-minded individual. She is likely to have someone special in her life. 

Before her work as an executive assistant for President Donald Trump; she worked as an intern under the command of Sen Ted Cruz and Rep Steve Scalise. 

Therefore, Cassidy is a hard worker; thus, she reached the highest stage by working under the Presiden,t who brought significant knowledge and experience to her professional career path. 

She joined the White House in 2019. She worked at Legislative Affairs under Mark Meadows. As per the White House Staff's salary, she earned $179,000 yearly. She worked till the election of President Biden in 2020. 

Therefore, her net worth is around $350,000. She seems to have a considerable sum for her to pursue new avenues or do well in the private sector; likely, she is currently working and focusing on the political scene as well.