Hannah Tubbs Transition Image: Before And After

Hannah has a long history of committing violent crimes. She is a transgender female who was previously known as James Tubbs and now she has changed into Hannah Tubbs. 

However, at the time of committing the crime of child sexual abuse, she was known to be a male, James. She is currently being locked up at the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility in Bakersfield, California with the case of murder last week. 

The transgender convict was identified as a man until March 2020. She has been charged with robbery, sexual assault, and murder as well. 

She does not seem to feel sorry for whatever she has done till now. However, LA DA Gascon has admitted that she should have been charged with a harsher sentence for sexually assaulting a10 years old girl.

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Everything To Know About LA Trans Molester Sentence

The convicted Trans, 26, pleaded guilty to molesting a young 10 years old girl in a women's bathroom when she was 17 years old. She received 2 years sentence at a juvenile facility for committing child sexual abuse.  

 He generated national headlines for being charged with only two years for such a heinous crime. However, she is also being held for robbery and murder cases.

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What Did She Do?

Tubbs has a long history of committing heinous crimes. She has made headlines for molesting a child, robbing, and murdering. 

We hope the guilty get the strict punishment and the innocent soul rests in peace. Such type of devastating acts should be completely prohibited and strict actions should be taken.