Transgender Singer Haifa Magic's Before And After Surgery

Haifa Magic Is Transgender Pop Singer Who Has Great Resemblance To Singer Haifa Wehbe
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Haifa Magic's gender is transgender. Recently she had gone through plastic surgery.
Her fans want to see Haifa Magic before surgery and after photos. 

Pop star Haifa Magic is from Beirut. She achieved a noble reputation due to her striking resemblance to Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe.

Magic is a transgender woman who is receiving considerable interest from people all over the world. She is interviewed numerous times by the most well-known TV stations in the Middle East due to her fame and presence, much like Haifa Wehbe.

For a long time, music has been a significant part of Arab people's daily and emotional lives. Many Arab ladies are now coming forward, sharing the man's aim of becoming a global celebrity. 

Who Is Haifa Magic? Before And After Surgery Photos

Haifa Magic is a transgender woman living in Beirut, Lebanon.

She represents a novelty in the Arab music scene because transgender women are hardly ever publicly acknowledged there.

Haifa has emerged as the most inspiring woman in Middle Eastern society. During her days of suffering, she had to escape from a lot of things. At the age of 17, she moved to the United Arab Emirates to work as a makeup artist, leaving her parents behind in Beirut. In pursuit of her goals, she continued to look for possibilities and, at the age of 22, she too left the UAE for Thailand.


Magic has her own cosmetics line, which she mostly markets in Arab nations. Haifa's self-assurance inspired many women and girls in her home country and surrounding countries to seek a more open world. For the past few years, she has been quite involved in the music industry. In her songs, she plays with the various judgments that she encounters in her daily life. Due to the fact that some of her admirers are LGBTQ, she has shown a lot of support for the LGBTQ community globally.

Haifa describes her path and says she hopes to encourage girls to become strong, confident women. She has been a very prominent performer in the music industry, with songs like Asfoor (which is Arabic for "Birds"). It describes how people are obsessed with her identity and beauty and are always staring at her.


Haifa Is A Proud Transgender Woman

Haifa underwent surgical and medicinal treatment to change from a man to a woman. Her preferred gender has changed to that of a transgender woman. She underwent her surgery in Malaysia because she desired a calm lifestyle and the ability to breathe normally as a woman. Prior to this, she was known as Adel Sobhi, a name given to her by society and her parents.

Haifa Magic is a 32-year-old musician, singer, and composer. Her parents raised her in Lebanon, where she was born in 1990. Although she was born Adel Sobhi, a man, she later had surgery. She had to struggle quite hard to change her official documents and identify herself with a new name all around the world, including within her own community.

In contrast to other societies around the world, Arab society is not encouraging. After the surgery, she went back to Lebanon to meet her family and make a home. She has been performing songs about the unwelcome and undesirable restrictions placed on women in Arab countries. Although Haifa was not the first person to change her gender in Lebanon, she is the one who gained fame. Her heroic deeds and motivational tales propelled her to fame in the modern Arab world.


Did Haifa Magic Break Her Relationship With Rabee Bader?

In September 2022, Haifa announced her breakup with Rabee Bader.

Before she left her partner, Haifa and Rabee had been dating for the previous three years, and she had made the official announcement of her nuptials to her lover Rabee Bader a few months earlier in 2022.

Haifa claimed that moving from one stage of life to another by making wise choices was lovely. She stated that she merely desired to be free, unattached to anyone, in order to get a soul and independence.

The public became familiar with Rabee Bader, a Lebanese national, after seeing him in a number of movies and pictures of Haifa on media websites. They spent several years working together.