George Yzaguirre Obituary: David Isner and Ed Fuller Killer Dead By Suicide In Prison

George Yzaguirre with his dog in his residence.
George Yzaguirre with his dog in his residence. ( Source : clickondetroit )

George Yzaguirre committed a heinous crime that had shaken the community of Kentwood. The cruel murderer Yzaguirre was executed in 2019. Yzaguirre died in prison after being convicted of two counts of murder and was incarcerated for life. 

Yzaguirre died on May 16, according to the Michigan Department of corrections. He was sentenced and pleaded guilty to the two counts of murder. The severity of the crime and the number of counts encouraged the judge to provide a maximum sentence to the individual. 

Likewise, he was sentenced in October, and he took his own life; after being in prison on May 16, the circumstances around his suicide have not been clarified, but, likely, he was not able to handle his life in prison for him to take such step. 

George Yzaguirre Obituary: Dead By Suicide In Prison

Various official media and small journalists reported Yzaguirre Obituary. The victim's family was unable to find solace in the death of their family member. He died on May 16; the circumstances surrounding his suicide have not been clear. 

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In retrospect, George killed his longtime friend and roommate, David Isner. He repeatedly stabbed his partner 70 times. He killed his roommate, with whom he had been friends for several years. Due to some misunderstandings and distrust, the perpetrator acted on impulse, leading to his room partner's death. 

In addition, the criminal killed Ed Fuller, who had his residence in Pinegate Village Mobile Home park off Division avenue near South 76th Street. The police were able to find the deceased in his home. He intended to rob Fuller of his possessions, but his plans did not go as he intended. 

Where Is Survivor Jennifer Meyers Today?

Survivor Jennifer Meyers is the ex-wife of George Yzaguirre. She said she dodged a bullet as her partner was the heinous killer. She is currently living a wonderful life with her new partner and family. 

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Likewise, she might have had some suspicion about his acts, but her love towards her ex-husband was strong, which did not seem to raise any concern while both of them were together. 

Jennifer Meyers had comprehended that her partner had some anger issues. The two of them met when George was her upstairs neighbor; the couple used to live in the same building. After a few interactions and dates, the couple went out together. 

However, Jennifer got out of his life in a timely fashion; she would have regretted her decision should she have been late to make up her mind. They did not seem to be together for a long time but remembering her moment with the killer appears to bring chills to her spine.

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David Isner And Ed Fuller Murder Case On TV

David Isner, the roommate, and Ed Fuller's murder is released in New True Crime, TV show; Evil Lives Here. The episode tells about the brutal crime Yzaguirre committed against his friend and toward the elderly by acting on impulse. 

The murder story of Yzaguirre was also released in the Investigative Discovery Channel's "Wicked Living" program, which will discuss the case that shall be released on Sunday, July 3 at 9 pm. The episode shall be available on Discovery+, a good streaming service. 

Furthermore, the murder happened while David was fast asleep; he was then attacked 70 times, resulting in instant death. The criminal surrendered himself to the authorities, and evidence was gathered for him to be convicted and sentenced. 

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