The 13th Prince Esterházy von Galántha, Anton Rudolf Marie Georg Christoph Hubertus Johannes Karl Agla, and his first wife, Ursula Koenig, had only one child, Paul-Anton.

He went to boarding school in England before majoring in international relations and business administration at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. He also holds a master's degree from Oxford University with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

The 36-year-old prince is adamant about getting his family's money and property back and is very interested in their past.

"That is my obligation, and I don't expect any money—you always have to reinvest everything, especially now—but I genuinely want to revive the previous, uplifting corporate culture at Esterházy," he said.

He currently cares for Edelstetten, the family's Bavarian estate. In addition to working in the start-up finance sector, Paul-Anton founded the perfume firm Estoras. Estoras is the Latinized version of the last name Esterházy.

The Austrian prince recently tied his knot to Franziska Reutter, an Austrian model.

How Old Is Franziska Reutter? Paul-Anton Esterházy Wife Age

Franziska Reutter was born on July 6, 1989, in Klagenfurt, Austria, to Georg von Reutter and Joanna Rowena Christine Doubleday.As of 2022, she is 33 years old.

She is the youngest of four children.


On the other hand, her husband was born on February 18, 1986, in Munich. This makes him 36 years old as of today. He is the only son of his parents.

The couple has an age difference of only 3 years.

More On Austrian Prince Paul-Anton Esterházy Wife Franziska Reutter

The Austrian Prince Paul-Anton is now married to his wife, Franziska Reutter. Franziska is a popular model in the country and is nicknamed "Sissi."

She belongs to a noble Austrian family. Franziska majored in mathematics before graduating with a degree in civil engineering from the University of Edinburgh.

The bride and groom are also sixth-degree distant relatives. Both of them are descended from Jozsef Orczy de Orci (1746–1804), an imperial and royal chamberlain who served as the fispán du Zemplén and the administrator of the county of Békés, and his wife, Countess Borbála Berényi Karancsberény.

Prince Paul-Anton Esterházy Married Life

In August 2021, in the Austrian Tyrol, Prince Pál-Antal Esterházy de Galántha—who had adopted the French name Paul-Antoine—had made his proposal to Franziska von Reutter. A few days later, Royal Musings revealed the Esterházy heir's engagement.

After becoming engaged in 2021, Austrian Prince Paul-Anton Esterházy von Galántha and his model girlfriend Franziska Reutter were married in a lovely ceremony in Carinthia last weekend on July 30, 2022.

The 33-year-old Franziska was married in a charming ceremony by the 36-year-old aristocrat, whose family was formerly among the wealthiest in Austria-Hungary.

Following generations saw the Esterházy de Galántha family continue to accumulate riches, especially through marriages to daughters of opulent households.

Franziska, who is related to Austrian nobility, also wore two gorgeous gowns on her wedding day. Her straightforward wedding dress had a billowing skirt, a round neckline, and a belted waist.

Several pictures of their wedding were shared on social media accounts, and the couple looked very happy in those pictures. 

She was pictured carrying a magnificent bouquet of white and cream flowers in photos that were shared on social media while clinging to her handsome husband's arm.