Who Is Flávia Cintra Marido Pedro Corradino? Meet Her Family On Instagram

Flavia Cintra pictured for an interview
Flavia Cintra pictured for an interview( Source : com )

Flávia Cintra's Marido, Pedro Corradino, is a professional lawyer who helped the woman in her tough time and helped her build a family.

Flávia is a Brazilian journalist and human rights activist who works for the rights of the disabled.

She suffered a critical accident at the age of only 18 and has been living her life in a wheelchair. But she takes it as something valuable and has managed to live with this disability as she thinks everything good that has happened in her life has come after the accident.

Not only in her personal life, but Cintra has become an inspiration to many who have any disability. She is the prime example that even a differently-abled person can make a good family and live a happy life with her loved ones.

Here we look at the woman's personal life and dig deeper into her story of overcoming the fear of being unable to move freely.

Who Is Flávia Cintra Marido Pedro Corradino?

Flávia Cintra's marido or husband, Pedro Corradino, is a professional lawyer.

Flavia Cintra pictured a few years before
Flavia Cintra pictured a few years before( Source : globo )

Although the marriage date or togetherness is not well portrayed on the internet, the man came into Flavia's life when she was slowly moving her life at a good pace. He became the helping hand the Brazilian activist needed to speed up her life toward a happy family.

Eventually, Cintra and Corradino tied the knot, and the pair now shares adorable twins. Talking about their children, the woman mentioned that she doesn't have twins in the family, and the couple was chosen for that special moment.

Any further detailed information on her family and kids remains unexplored as she rarely spoke about them.

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Flávia Cintra Wikipedia 

Flávia Cintra doesn't have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

She was born into a good family and grew up among her siblings. But when she was 13, her parents divorced, and the lady had to work outside to make earnings to take care of her siblings and the whole family.

Cintra became the general caretaker of the family and worked to meet their requirements. Everything was progressing well until she faced that horrific accident at 18. She was in a car with her then-lover when the car flipped and suffered a nasty crash.

The lady woke up in a hospital bed the next day, surrounded by her family, as she underwent several months of critical treatment.

Flávia Cintra Age: How Old Is She?

Regarding Flávia Cintra's age, she is thought to be around 31-32 years old.

Flavia Cintra pictured in an event
Flavia Cintra pictured in an event( Source : blogspot )

As reported by Peopleai, Cintra was born on August 15, 1990. Considering this detail to be true, we can reach out woman's age to be in her early 30s. Guessing from her appearance, she also appears in a similar age range.

Nonetheless, the exact confirmation of her age and birthdate remains a mystery.

Flávia Cintra Family Ethnicity

Flávia Cintra's family is based in Brazil and is related to Brazilian ethnicity.

However, their exact origin and descent are not traced on the internet sources as of now. So, we cannot provide any specific detail on this subject matter.

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