Fans Believe Ons Jabeur And And Husband Karim Kamoun Have A Baby

Ons Jabeur is a Tunisian professional tennis player who ranked as high as world No. 2 by the Women's Tennis Association.
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Ons Jabeur is a professional tennis player from Tunisia, a country in North Africa. 

She is probably one of Tunisia's finest women's tennis players and married Karim Kamoun. She is a 27-year-old tennis pro from Tunisia, born on August 28, 1994.

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) has her rated as high as No. 2 in the world, which was accomplished on June 27, 2022. The highest-ranked African & Arab tennis player in ATP and WTA rankings history is Jabeur, the No. 1 Tunisian tennis player.

On July 5, 2022, she was named the first Arab woman to reach the semifinals of the Grand Slam tournament. Jabeur is making history for Arab women.

There has been a rumor that a Tunisian player and her husband are having a baby. 

Ons Jabeur And Husband Karim Kamoun Baby: Is She Pregnant? 

Ons Jabeur and her husband Karim Kamoun do not have any children at this time. However, the couple hasn't officially announced their pregnancy on social networking sites. So, we cannot confirm whether the couple is having a baby.


Maybe the tennis professional from Tunisia is focusing on her career and waiting for a perfect time to have a baby. Hopefully, we will hear about her pregnancy soon.

Jabeur's career has taken her to new heights lately. Maybe, that is why Karim and Ons are focusing on her athletic career. She became the first African & Arab player to win a championship at this level in the 2022 Madrid Open, a WTA 1000 competition, which was her biggest victory.

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Who Is Ons Jabeur's Husband Karim Kamoun?

Karim Kamoun, Ons Jabeur's husband, was a former Russian Tunisian fencer. According to his Instagram bio, he is a professional fitness coach. He also has a Master's degree in Sports Science. 

He is also a personal fitness coach to his wife, tennis player wife, Jabeur. He cheers for Ons on the court at most of her games and is her biggest fan.

However, the couple dated for a sizable period before getting married in 2015. The specifics of how the couple met and how long they dated haven't been made public, though.

Ons Jabeur Family: Meet Her Parents Samira and Ridha Jabeur

Ons Jabeur's family comes from the Tunisian village of Ksar Hellal. Her parents are Samira, and Ridha Jabeur, who raised her in the town of Sousse. Her family comes from Arabic ethnic background.

Jabeur has two older brothers named Hatem and Marwen and an older sister named Yasmine. Her mother introduced her to tennis for the first time when she was three. 

When Jabeur was three years old, her mother taught her how to play tennis. In the week leading up to her 13th birthday in August 2007, Jabeur started competing on the ITF Junior Circuit.

Ons Jabeur Net Worth

According to LiveSports, Ons Jabeur's net worth is estimated to be around $1.6 million. However, the tennis player herself has not disclosed her net worth.


Meanwhile, given her astounding $5,813,092 in prize money and the name she has made for herself as a top Arabian tennis player, she could have a net worth in the millions.

Twenty-seven years old, Jabeur has undoubtedly established a reputation for herself, and she surely benefits financially from her accomplishments. As a top-ranked athlete, she could also receive various brand deals.