Expose Smithfield Death Star Meaning Explained, What Does This Protest Sign Mean?

Legendary hot dog eater, Joey Chestnut inevitably won yet another Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest
Legendary hot dog eater, Joey Chestnut inevitably won yet another Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest( Source : ny1 )

On July 4, Joey Chestnut became the talk of the sports world when he won his 15th Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. The NBA, NFL, and MLB keep on taking up the main sports headlines in the United States Of America.

Joey Chestnut is without a doubt the best competitor to ever take part in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

However, just because he won the contest doesn't mean there wasn't any controversy. Chestnut once stopped eating massive quantities of tubed beef to totally manhandle a protester.

"Expose Smithfield Death Star" Meaning

After Joey Chestnut won the hot dog contest, the Smithfield Death Star protester and he got into a fight.

The 15-time contest winner was being ambushed as he stood in front of the audience to celebrate. However, he was the one who dealt with the protester by himself, knocking him to the ground. He choked the protester, who is currently in good condition.

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The protester also carried a title that read, "Expose Smithfield's Death Star," in his hand. To date, there is no idea what that means or to whom he was making that implication.

The entire collection of material was unavailable on television. The video was assembled from a number of sources, but the tackle appears to be very vicious.

Joey Chestnut Hot Dog Win And Protest, What Happened?

A protester wearing a Darth Vader mask entered the stage and interrupted Chestnut. Expose Smithfield's Death Star, the protester's sign stated. What the demonstration is about is not entirely clear.

Joey Chestnut looked around after feeling someone nudge him. Chestnut quickly put the demonstrator in a chokehold and flung him to the ground when he saw him wearing a Darth Vader mask.

Chestnut entered the competition hurt, which makes his actions even more impressive. He said that before the competition, he suffered an Achilles tendon injury. He was fortunately unable to compete or, for that matter, take down a demonstrator because of the damage.

The man is a champion because of his rapid reactions and the fact that he wasn't phased and immediately resumed consuming canines. The Smithfield Death Star Protestor's identity is still a mystery at this moment.

He was reportedly under the custody of security, though. His identity has not yet been fully revealed. When he tackled Joey, the protester was facing the other side of the camera. Consequently, no picture of his face was taken.

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Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 

The annual Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest, which always guarantees entertainment, takes place on July 4th.

Joey Chestnut made the celebration as memorable as ever by eating 63 hot dogs in one sitting and tackling a protester. A record of 15 times was won today by the GOAT competitive eater.

There are numerous headlines throughout the text. To begin with, Joey had a left tandem injury and was wearing clutches. Despite the harm, he managed to consume 63 hot dogs and win the contest. Finally, he attacked a protester by himself, nearly choking him.

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