How Old Is Fereshteh Samimi ?

Fereshteh Samimi is 29 years old; she was born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1993. Samimi recently became famous because of her dance skill and theater skills. 

The actress's social media presence reveals that she is a more private person who hasn't shared any personal details about herself. Even though her Instagram account is remote, only her followers can see the posts she makes there. Because of this, she may not want to blend her personal and work lives.

Talking about her career, she is a growing artist. She has not got a name and fame, unlike other artists, but at an early age, she became well-known in the theater and movie industry around the world. 

Fereshteh Samimi is 29 years old as of 2022. She was born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1993
Fereshteh Samimi is 29 years old as of 2022. She was born in Isfahan, Iran, in 1993 ( Source : facebook )

When she was 21 years old in 2015, she began her professional career and started working in theatre. Her first theater presence was in the scholar theater, which is already mentioned above. After moving through this theatre in 2016, she started working in Charlie film, where she got a chance to play in "Love In Vain" on demi production. In 2017 she started her career playing for Sarah Ebrahimi Television in the project Thorns of Tenderness. 

From these platforms, she gained a lot of knowledge about theater plays. 

She has been studying acting in Toronto for four years at various studios. She has experience in film, episodic series, and theatrical plays. He has learned cold reads, improv, scene studies, audition technique, and individual drills to deepen her knowledge of acting and practice getting to a point where she feels the emotion and life of her characters.

According to the different reports, she got an offer to play in big-budget Canadian movies and series, and she also nation from Hollywood movies. Still, there is no good source for this information. 

Fereshteh Samimi Dance Career

Feresheth Samimi has 15-Years of dance training. she is good at different dance genres. 

According to her Youtube channel and Facebook posts, it is clear that she is more focused on belly dancing; on her youtube channel, she doesn't have much more subscribers, but she has a remarkable talent, and her talent is yet to discover all over the globe. 

In 2017 Miss Asia Toronto. The actress won the second runner-up; in the program; according to her Youtube video posted by lovely vision later, she shared videos. In that videos, she performed her beautiful belly dance, which was her most admired; during that program, all the guests, judges, and fans freely talked about her dance performance. 

Although she won the second runner-up title during the campaign, her dance won the heart of every audience and judge; she was confused regards belly dancing. But after that program, she continued her dancing.

Feresheth has 15-Years of dance Training as of 2022. she is good at different genres of dance
Feresheth has 15-Years of dance Training as of 2022. she is good at different genres of dance ( Source : facebook )

Nowadays, she is invited by many prominent directors and theatres to perform for themselves for a significant amount. 

According to her Facebook post, she has also been in commercials for well-known brands thanks to her talent, superior physics, and height. She is multilingual, and powerful brands adore her excellent gestures and body language to use her in their products.

Everyone who sees the actress likes her personality, chunky brown hair, eyes, and slim body. She has the ideal height that 5.4 percent of girls would like to have. She has more divine talent. But she had to fight to get to this point in her life.

Fereshteh Samimi Education

Fereshteh Samimi has a Degree in Scene Studies from EVN Studios. It is a Professional Acting Studio in Toronto that conducts On-Camera Acting Classes for Beginners to Advance Levels. EVN is one of the busiest acting studios in Toronto with Award Winning Actors. 

Recognizing a problem early on about Actors being Dry, Cerebral, and too Intellectual, Earl evolved his style of teaching, a Spiritual Approach to the Craft of Acting that brings a more grounded and organic presence to the actors' craft.

Fereshteh Has a Degree in Scene Studies from EVN Studios
Fereshteh Has a Degree in Scene Studies from EVN Studios ( Source : facebook )

A unique blend of Meditation and Art which has successfully enabled many of his students to land significant roles in all forms of media work-Feature Films, TV Series, Movies of the Week, Commercials, etc." After getting their degree, she practiced a lot and worked in different theaters while she practiced dance for 15 years.

 At the same time, she has not mentioned anything about her further education career in the art industry. During her education EVN, her parents funded her, but she has not revealed any information about her parents. Although she is in her teenage years, she can make her parent's identity anonymous.

Nowadays, many celebrities have a presence on TikTok so she will choose this platform in the coming days. According to different reports, she also has an account on Tiktok and has only posted a few videos. Still, the increasing craze of Tiktok worldwide may encourage her to post and prepare many videos and increase her fan base from this platform.