Enrique Manalo, a Filipino diplomat, has made history by becoming the first career diplomat to serve as the Philippines' foreign secretary in nearly two decades. He has been working under Marcos's Administration since 2022.

Enrique Manalo, a loyal government servant, has been appointed as the secretary of Foreign Affairs. Previously, he acted under the Duterte administration from March 9 to May 17, 2017.

The diplomat has shown his expertise in different government posts with high success. He was mostly known for his work as the Philippines ambassador to the United Kingdom. 

Enrique Manalo Religion: Take A Look At The Ethnicity Of The Diplomat 

Enrique Manalo, the Filipino diplomat, has yet to disclose his religious belief to the media. 

However, Enrique is positive about all religions. He has worked with Indonesia's foreign and religious ministers on a vision to bring unity to diversity. 


With his appointment as the secretary of foreign affairs, netizens expect much development under the administration. Enrique has found fruitful responses from the netizens for his appointment.

Talking about his ethnicity, Enrique has kept it confidential. Based on his photographs, the ambassador is considered an Asian ethnic group with profound Mongolian roots.

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Enrique Manalo Biography: The Filipino Diplomat Who Has Been Appointed As The Secretary Of Foreign Affairs

Enrique Manalo was born in Manila and attended the University of the Philippines, where he obtained both a bachelor's and a master's degree in economics.

As a Special Assistant for the Department of Foreign Affairs, he began his diplomatic career in 1979. The experienced diplomat has even represented the Philippines in the United Nations.

Time and again, Enrique was given responsible posts in the government for his expertise. From 1992 to 1998, he was the Minister's Counselor at the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in New York.

For most of his career, Enrique represented the Philippines as an ambassador for different countries. On July 1, Enrique as Secretary of Foreign Affairs by President Bongbong Marcos.

He has been felicitated with the Order of Lakandula, the highest civilian order of the Philippines with the rank of Grand Cross.

Enrique Manalo Net Worth In 2022: The Diplomat Fortune Explained In A Nut Shell 

According to allfamousbirthday, Enrique Manalo's net worth is estimated at 1.5 million US dollars. However, the diplomat has yet to verify the numbers.

He earns a contracted salary as the secretary of foreign affairs from July 1. However, the career history of Enqriue is as long as it can get.

The Filipino diplomat has served in some of the biggest governmental posts in his county. He has also been an ambassador for European countries and the United States.

The average salary of a secretary of foreign affairs based in the Philippines is estimated at 87k dollars annually. 

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Meet Enrique Manalo Family: Take A Look At His Upbringing 

Enrique was born and brought up by two ambassadors in his family, his father, Armando Manalo, and his mother, Rosario Manalo. 

Armando, his father, was ambassador to Belgium and political adviser to the Philippine Mission to the United Nations. However, he began his career as a journalist.

His mother, Rosario, was the first female career diplomat of the DFA. Just like her husband, Rosario once served as the ambassador to Belgium. Recently, she was elected rapporteur of a UN committee to stop discrimination against women.

Enrique finds motivation from his family and gives credit to his parents for all the wisdom. The former diplomat's parents, Enrique, must be proud of their son's achievement.