Denise Pessana, a journalist in Argentina, is married to her partner, Enrique Llamas de Madariaga, who works as a journalist. They've been living in Punta del Este for more than ten years after moving there.

Because of the threats & acts of intimidation, the journalist decided to stop doing his radio show, and he & his wife eventually relocated to Uruguay.

After finishing his education at Colegio Ward, where he was an active participant in the Radio Workshop, he pursued a degree in radio broadcasting at the University of Buenos Aires before enrolling in that institution. He worked as a producer for television shows in the United States of America, China, and Germany.

Who Is Enrique Llamas De Madariaga Pareja Denise Pessana? 

Enrique Llamas de Madariaga is an Argentine journalist and broadcaster who has worked in the industry for the better part of a century. He has a romantic connection with Denise Pessana, who is also one of his coworkers.


Journalism is a topic that naturally arises whenever Enrique Llamas de Madariaga and Denise Pessana are brought up in conversation. A few years ago, the illustrious couple decided to go to Uruguay to begin a new life chapter.

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Since moving into an apartment with a sea view in the La Brava neighborhood of Punta del Este in 2011, the couple has concluded that this is how they want to spend their days to "gain quality of life" away from the bustle of Buenos Aires.

Their Married Life And Age Gap

Enrique and Denise first became acquainted when they worked together as hosts of the América TV newscast in the 1990s. It is important to note that the beginnings of several relationships depicted in the media did not have such a picture-perfect start.


The pair was able to carve out a niche for themselves in the world within the confines of that exclusive city, as evidenced by the fact that they now reside in a Playa Brava condominium that features a view of the ocean. Although they initially worked for Argentine media from there, their presence is now primarily concentrated in the Uruguay region. 

Both Denise, a journalist, and Enrique, 82, have advanced ages. They are separated by around 29 years in age from each other.

Denise Pessana Net Worth Revealed

Denise Pessana had a successful career in journalism throughout her life. Because of this, she has accumulated a significant fortune throughout the years. It is anticipated that she possesses a net worth measured in the millions.

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Her assets, earnings, and salary, as well as the automobile she owns and the lifestyle she lives, all contribute to the total amount she has amassed. She recently gave an interview in which she stated that she is now completely devoted to investing in real estate.