Ella Cruz's mother talked about the alleged scam that businessman Xian Gaza allegedly committed against them.

Due to his billboard offer for coffee with Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales, Xian gained notoriety. The Twitter updates of a user named Dewanie Catapang were widely shared on social media on July 4, 2017.

This highlighted the businessman's allegedly dubious personality. She allegedly fell for con by 24-year-old Xian, who claimed to be the CEO of the Hong-Kong-based business Guanxiquian Group.

Issue: Know Ella Cruz And Xian Gaza Scandal

It will be recalled that Ella Cruz and Xian Gaza's relationship once had an issue or a scandal. Many people are unaware of what has transpired since.

Even though Ella Cruz is an actress, she did not post that Xian was in pain until the public became aware of it. That they had a union and that they had left.


Xian spoke out about what had happened. He said, "On October 16, 2016, four years ago, I devised a plan to approach Ella Cruz. I arranged a meeting between Terrazzo Tomas Morato and his mother. I suggested that EC Dance Studio and my Gazera Media enter a business alliance. That's where Ella and I founded the "EC Dance Company." We then partnered up for business."

"Our business was successful, and our friendship grows stronger every day. We met two to three times weekly and became a dating couple."

Then there came a proposal where he had to buy a car, Toyota Fortuner, with Cruz's family. Unfortunately, he couldn't buy the car having a financial issue which created the scandal. 

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Learn About Ella Cruz's Boyfriend, Xian Gaza, And Wedding Details

Ella Cruz's boyfriend, Xian Gaza, shared their wedding details. When he failed to pay the money for the car, Cruz's family and Gaza agreed, and Cruz's father asked him to marry his daughter. 

Ella's mother claimed that he was a stalker and that he had defrauded their family to the national press seven months later, on July 4, 2017. It happened at the height of my coffee date billboard.

The entire nation had faith in her because she was the mother of an actress. Poor Xian is unopposed.

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Were Ella Cruz And Xian Gaza A Business Partners?

On "Tonight with Boy Abunda," Ella Cruz said many rumors were ongoing. " Everyone came out, but as I previously stated, I don't want to talk about it any further because it has already happened and is now over. I and Xian Gaza partnered together for business," she stated.


She added, "We developed close ties. Before, we were just pals, but it would be inappropriate for you to put all of your faith in me at once, given that there is a business at stake and I barely know you personally."

Cruz made no further mention of her mother's claims that Gaza was a "scammer," which it has already angrily refuted. To promote her new romantic comedy, "Fanboy/Fangirl," Cruz appeared as a guest on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" back then.

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