DJ Nyla Symone Age Birthday and Net Worth 2022

Profile shot of DJ Nyla Symone posted by Power 105.1
Profile shot of DJ Nyla Symone posted by Power 105.1 ( Source : iheart )

Nyla Symone is just 25 years old, but at such a young age, she is nominated for BET awards for best DJ of the year 2022.

DJ'ing is a profession most people want to get into, but not all can fit in. Among all, DJ Nyla is known to be one of the finest DJs around.

Nyla is an ambitious girl from Germany who has come to make her name in the industry, which she has successfully achieved. DJ Nyla Symone, better known as DJ Nyla, is named the youngest media personality and DJ at Power 105.1. Power 105.1 is New York's No.1 radio station for R&B and HipHop. 

DJ Nyla has achieved an enormous fan following and recognition in a brief period which is unbelievable. DJ Nyla had the courage and passion for making her way throughout the session by getting inspired by her role models to do great in the industry. 

The DJ told about how she learned a lot of things from Angie Martinez to The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne The God, according to Kazimagazine. It seems like just another girl achieving her dreams, but like everyone, Nyle has also worked hard at this tender age to build up her networking and work ethic handling skills.

DJ Nyla also credits her success and prosperity to the sound and positive energy around her, which pushes her to do better every day.

What Is Nyla Symone's Age?

DJ Nyla Symone's age is 25 years old and is the youngest media personality of New York's no.1 radio station.

Nyla has been in this profession for a few years and is considered to get popularity very quickly as soon as she entered the DJing world. At the age of 25 currently, Nyla has already left a prominent mark in the DJing world as the audience goes crazy to hear her play.

Quick Facts about DJ Nyla

ProfessionDJ, Radio Jockey
Graduated St. John's University
Full NameNyla Symone
Age25 years old

DJ Nyla was born in Germany but was raised in Maryland as her family shifted there after her birth. Nyla was considered an outgoing and bubbly girl who has always loved talking with like-minded people who shared similar interests.

DJ Nyla working in one of her shows
DJ Nyla working in one of her shows ( Source : kazimagazine )

Nyla has always spoken her heart out without hesitation and considers herself unafraid to take the lead in discussions. She topped in her studies and was a Communication Arts student at St. John's University. The DJ claimed that she became interested in being a DJ after being introduced to the college's radio during her Bachelor years.

After being introduced to the radio, during her time in college, she stepped into the industry and worked at the college radio station, and created her blog called The Vibe. After some time, she started working with The Kocturnal and The Source, which gave her career a kick start.

Who Are DJ Nyla Symone Parents?

Nyla was raised by her parents in Maryland, although she has not revealed much about her parents.

She might be outgoing and energetic, but she likes to keep her privacy safe, so she has not mentioned her father's and mother's details.

The DJ loves to keep her professional and private life apart, although she loves sharing her life with her fans in her Instagram story.

Picture of DJ Nyla adn her dad as he posted on her Instagram
Picture of DJ Nyla adn her dad as he posted on her Instagram ( Source : instagram )

Nyla is very close to her parents, as we can see through her Instagram posts and stories. Nyla has shared some posts about her father, where he seems like a cool dad.

In one camp, we can see her father making a thanksgiving shot in a fun way, whereas in another, he is seen chilling with her.
Nyla has shared some pictures of her dad but has not posted about her mom on  Instagram.

Nyla Symone Net Worth 2022

DJ Nyla Symone has an estimated net worth of less than $1 Million but she has not shared the exact data.

She is a successful DJ who has earned her name and income in the industry.

Other female DJs with a substantial amount of net worth include DJ Spinderella. Spinderella has a staggering net worth of $10 Million.

Nyla would also make such huge amount in the coming years as she is just young and is already so popular. She prefers to keep it not a secret and has not disclosed it in the media.

She is in the industry for quite a time and is listed as one of the most famous and successful DJs of this generation. DJ Nyla is also friends with other star DJs like DJ Sonny Fodera, DJ Shine, and more to be listed.

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