Who Is Journalist Denise Pessana And How Old Is She?

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Argentina-born Denise Pessana is a well-known personality. She works as a journalist for a living. She also contributes to the Canal America newscast.

Enrique Llamas de Madariaga, a journalist who is also married to Denise Pessana, sacrifices the quality of life for wooziness and exposure to television. But they never gave up on business activities.

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Who Is Journalist Denise Pessana?

Denise Pessana is a well-known personality who belongs from Argentina. She is a journalist by profession. She is also involved with the Canal America news program.

Her works include Dream News magazine, Inversiones Inmobiliarias (, a periodical devoted to movements and new developments in real estate, was launched.

The publication is a component of a larger Pessana project that also includes a website for advertising the purchase, sale, or renting of real estate, and such advice for people who choose to reside in Punta del Este, and, of course, a sizable quantity of news on the industry each day.


Denise continues to move, albeit at a more gentle and friendly speed and is involved with FM Millenium.

Pessana's book is a great resource for people who want to raise their quality of life in these times when Uruguay in general and Punta del Este, in particular, have emerged as an oasis in the middle of global instability thanks to the epidemic in the same way that she did more than ten years ago.

How Old Is Denise Pessana?

Denise Pessana seems to be around her mid-40s as of now as she is a married woman for more than a decade.

Likewise, while looking at her picture, her age can be guessed which cannot be exactly correct as it is subject to change.

In addition to that, her Instagram account is kept private which has been an obstacle to knowing her more personally.


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Denise Pessana Partner, Is She Married?

The journalist from Argentina Denise Pessana is married to her partner, Enrique Llamas de Madariaga, who is also a journalist. They moved to Punta del Este more than ten years ago.

The journalist quit his radio show as a result of the intimidation and threats, and his wife moved to Uruguay with him.

Prior to that,  he attended the University of Buenos Aires after completing his studies at Colegio Ward, where he actively engaged in the Radio Workshop. He produced television shows in the USA, China, and Germany.


They married, worked at Radio Rivadavia, and are now based in Punta del Este, Uruguay, with Pestana, the young woman he co-hosted the Canal América news program.

They also learned about the satisfaction that comes from nature on the peninsula. They exchanged quality of life for dizziness and exposure to television. They never, however, gave up on the business.

Moreover, The pair appreciates their labour and the peace of living in the East while listening to radio programs on FM Millenium.