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How Old Is DD Osama? Is DD Osama And DDOT Are Brother?

DD Osama And DDOT Are Young Upcoming Rappers
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DD Osama is 16 years old, and DD Osama celebrated his birthday on 29, 2006.  DD Osama's real name is David Reyes. 

DDOT  celebrated his 14 birthday in 2022.

DD Osama And DDOT are not related and are not real brothers. 

DDOT and DD Osama are both emerging rappers and hip-hop recording artists.

Despite their young age, they are gaining tremendous popularity and recognition in hip-hop.

Today's generation, especially children, have been fond of rap melodies; they want to follow their unique styles and modify themselves as a funky boy.

Osama made the headlines after the release of his singles, such as "Without You," "Dead Opps," and "40s N 9s," and the listeners were astonished by his sensational performance.

Likewise, DDOT rose to prominence from his songs such as "Stop Cappin" and "Real Facts.

Quick Facts on DD Osama

Real NameDavid Reyes
Known asDD Osama
Age15 years old
BirthplaceHarlem, New York
Net Worth$100,000

How Old Is DD Osama And DDOT? Age and Wiki

DD Osama is 15 years old, as he was born on November 29, 2006. Similarly, Sugarhill DDOT is 14 years of age.

DDOT is a growing artist in the field of hip-hop, born on March 3, 2008. The native of New York released his debut single in November of 2021, from which he did not receive much positive response as expected.

With the release of songs such as "Stop Cappin" and "Real Facts, DDOT came into the limelight. People wonder how a small kid can have such a stunning voice, and they show more concern about knowing everything about him. He picked up a microphone and began rapping, attracting millions of audience towards him.

Likewise, DD Osama is also gradually rising in the hip-hop industry. He began his career with his brother by establishing a homemade studio in their grandmother's place. 

The young rapper is famous for his singles such as "Without You," "Dead Opps," and "40s N 9s," from which his popularity took a notable height. Recently he appeared as a featured artist on the song "PARTY IN THE USA."

DD Osama Real Name and Parents

The real name of DD Osama is David Reyes, who first opened his eyes in the New York Brooklyn Hospital.

Osama grew up in a large family in Harlem, New York. His parents decided to choose a different path when he was a kid, so his father was not a part of his childhood.

Crimsley Martinez, his mother, raised him with immense care so he shares a strong attachment with her. Even though his parents got separated, DD's stepfather never let him feel alone and gave him all the love he needed.

He spent his childhood with three older and one younger brothers. Among them, three are pursuing their careers as rappers, and one is an aspiring model. Besides this, he also has three half-sisters.

Their mother used to work in real estate and parenting their children. Dd, including his siblings, joined Elementry school in Harlem for their initial study.

Over the past year, DD has amassed millions of views on Youtube with 89k subscribers, making him a young and emerging hip-hop artist.

Who Is DD Osama's Brother?

Ethan Reyes, aka Notti Osama, was DD Osama's younger brother who left this world on July 9, 2022.

Osama also has three older brothers; among them, two are rappers like him, and one is pursuing his career in modeling.

After the shocking demise of Notti, DD felt heartbroken and shared a tweet on Social media with the caption, "Like why did you leave me? Why you tell me that departure is easy?". He also collaborated with several artists and released a song, "E4N ", a tribute to Notti. The lyrics of the song portray the pain and emotion of a brother.

Notti was stabbed in his belly and immediately taken to the hospital after the incident. Unfortunately, 14 years old young boy took his last breath on the bed in the hospital.

Rapper DD Osama Net Worth

Rapper DD Osama has accumulated a net worth of $100,000.

However, the rapper is yet to share his earning details with the public. As a promising young rapper, he has gained immense popularity in this field. From a young age, he discovered his passion for music and began rapping with the help of his brothers.

DD cited rap artist Polo G as his biggest inspiration and said listening to him always made him feel more ambitious. After launching his own Youtube channel, he started releasing his songs. Among them, Party In The USA and 40s N 9s were the ones that received great positive responses from the listeners.

Throughout these years, Osama has been concerned about improving himself, and his growth has been remarkable. We wish him good luck in the upcoming days, and it can be assumed that he will have an impressive net worth in the future.

DD Osama Music Career and Song With Sugarhill DDOT

DD Osama teamed up with his brother Notti Sugarhill Ddot to release a song, “Too Tact.”

After the demise of Notti, DD recorded a track titled “Dead Opps” in the memory of his brother, which became a breakthrough in his career. The track went viral and received almost 2 million views on YouTube.

From the beginning, Osama proved his excellence and commitment to his passion. He is mostly known for his r singles such as “Without You,” “Dead Opps,” and “40s N 9s. Even though he is only 15, he has more than 100,000 followers on his Instagram account. His talent and vocal ability are worth appreciating, and he will gain immense acknowledgment in the future.

Some FAQs

How Much Is DD Osama's net worth?

DD Osama's net worth is $100,000.

Who Was DD Osama's younger brother?

DD Osama's younger brother was Notti Osama.

Where does DD Osama come from?

DD hails from Harlem, New York.

What is DD Osama's real name?

DD Osama's real name is David Reyes.

How old is DD Osama?

DD Osama is 15 years old.