David Panton Age: How Old Is Julie Bishop Partner?

Julie Bishop who recently split with her love partner David Panton who was born in 1961. Likewise, he is a 57-year-old businessman from Melbourne, Australia who resides in Manly at the moment.

His ancestry is white. When even though he is about to reach the age of 60, he seems to be active and enthusiastic in his work field.

Panton relocated to Sydney in 2014 and now works there as a real estate developer.  Laura, Matthew, and Sally are his three children from his first marriage to Karen.

Julie Bishop is a former foreign minister
Julie Bishop is a former foreign minister( Source : https://telegraf )

Why Did Julie And David Split?

After eight years together, former foreign minister Julie Bishop and Sydney real estate developer David Panton have called it quits. The Sydney Morning Herald reported last Friday that David had ended their relationship.

In a statement, David stated, "I'm going to be focused on living in Manly and Melbourne for the foreseeable future. "I wish Julie continued success in her outstanding work,"

The couple split up just one week after their impromptu trip to London and dinner with Prince Charles. In the midst of her political career as Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie met David.

Even though it would have been challenging to find time for a brand-new romance, they managed to make it work for almost ten years. When they were first spotted together in public, in 2014, it is thought that the couple started dating.

In 2014, when he moved to Sydney, it's believed that's when he first met Julie. He then worked as a real estate developer. The 2014 Melbourne Cup was a great place for the couple to make their public debut as a couple.

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David Panton Net Worth 

David Panton earnings and incomes are private, however, it is believed that he is valued at between $1 and $5 million.

In Melbourne, David was a pharmacist. He was engaged in real estate development throughout his career in the health industry. He consequently gave up on the medical field and began to concentrate on properties.

In addition to that, he now has a good job as a real estate developer. As per his spending and images shared online, it looks like he lives an extravagant and lavish lifestyle.

However, according to reports, his ex-partner Julie, an Australian politician, has a net worth of $5 million.