Daniel Durston is the cast of the American reality television program Big Brother. The show is now in the process of producing its twenty-fourth season, which will be titled "Big Brother 24." According to the schedule, the Big Brother new season's first episode will air on CBS with a live move-in on July 6, 2022.

Julie Chen Moonves will host the show and follow the contestants known as HouseGuests as they compete to be the last competitor to win a grand prize of $750,000.

Daniel Durston Job: How Old Is The Big Brother Contestant? 

Daniel Durston has reached the age of 35 and works as a performer in Las Vegas.

There are several understandings of what it means to be an impersonator. In this context, we are not simply referring to a man who performs at birthday parties or irritates his friends by making impressions on famous people. But, Daniel is someone who has an Instagram account full of Elvis-related acts, including a part in Elvis: The Musical being referred to here.


Daniel being on this show is that he is nearly certain to do Elvis impressions all the time, and of course, that will lead to potential feed outages if he starts singing. If he does start singing, however, feed outages won't be an issue.

During the competition, the HouseGuests will be living in a house together while being continuously filmed, and they will not have any communication with the outside world. Let us dig deeper into the article and explore further details about Daniel Durston's cast.

Where Is Daniel Durston From?

Daniel Durston currently resides in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and his hometown is in Ontario, which is located in the state of California.

Big Brother, an original series produced by CBS and set to premiere on the CBS Television Network, has cast him as a houseguest for the upcoming season.

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The Big Brother 24 Cast Durston has spent the past six years researching Elvis Persley as a person and the artist he was and still is.

Daniel has a very similar childhood to that of Elvis Presley in terms of religion, music, family tragedy, and a lack of financial security. He also shares a significant amount of the same ethnicity as Elvis Presley, including his original American blood.

Daniel Durston And Elvis Persley

Elvis Presley had devoted followers like Daniel Durston, who couldn't get enough of him.

As a result of Daniel's trip to Tupelo, Mississippi, during which he was able to tour the house where Elvis Presley was born, he has the distinct privilege of gaining a greater understanding of what Elvis's life was like.


It is the biggest honor bestowed upon him to be able to perform in the role of Elvis Presley in some of the same venues that Elvis graced in the 1950s.

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Every night, he makes it his goal to portray both the person and the entertainer most honestly and genuinely possible, loyal to Elvis's shy attitude and powerful, life-changing stage presence.