Damon Arnette is a professional football player from the Dallas, Texas, America known for his career in the Las Vegas Raider as the cornerback. Besides football, he is also known for his rapping, with the stage name NWG Suave.

He is currently a free agent after his release from this club. The player was offered a four-year contract by the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020 which was released after the news of his arrest. He is also abandoned by the Kansas City Chief that had signed a future contract with the player in January of this year.

The American footballer is currently in highlighting due to the news of the arrest in Miami Beach. This is the second time the player has been arrested for similar cases. Further information follows in the articles.

Who Is Damon Arnette, Son Tyson? Family and Wife Info

During the NFL combine interview in Ohio states, the Footballer Damon Arnette revealed he has a son named Tyson Arnette but he calls him Ace.

Regarding His son, Ace He commented in the interview," You all know the sacrifice you feel to make for your firstborn son. I play to prove myself and since his birth, I have fire in my eyes that grew, I am no longer playing for myself, it's for the little man".


The player has posted the video of his boy on Twitter. As per the report, Arnette is parenting the boy with his girlfriend as he is not married nor the biological father of the boy. There has not been any further information regarding his son and his wife until now. 

The American player was born on September 2, 1996, in the Town of Dallas, Texas. His father, Sr. Damon Arnette, and his Mother, Montana Surrell moved to Fort Lauderdale from texas when he was just two years old.

The 25-year-old player has American nationality and the family follows the Christianity religion.

American Footballer Damon Arnette's Net Worth

As of 2022, The American professional footballer, Damon, Arnette is estimated to have a net worth of around $1 million -5 Million.

Damon had played 13 games for the Las Vegas Raiders in the years 2020- 2021, after his signing with the club with a four-year contract of $13.4 Million and a signing bonus of $7 Million. During his period, he was promised an annual salary of $3 million.


After the release, he was in contract with the Miami Dolphins, and he was the player for the Kansas City Chief that plays in the West division of American Football according to the Wiki.

The footballer is currently living in the house he bought in Dallas, Texas, the United States with his family. Most of the income the player has earned is from his football career majorly from the contract with the Las Vegas Raider. During the 2 years of his play, he earned about 7 -10 Million USD dollars.

However, due to the charge, he is currently facing three charges that he must pay for his crime. The career of the player might be in jeopardy after the incident.

Why was Damon Arnette Arrested? 

The American professional athlete, Damon Arnette was arrested for the charge of assault and possession of a deadly weapon without any legal permit on January 29, 2022. The athlete was found with the illegal, cocaine-like substance as well in his pocket during his stay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After seven months, the juridically announced that the player will not face any criminal charges. On the same day of the announcement on July 26, 2022, during Monday evening, He was found driving with a suspended license while driving in Miami Beach, Florida. In further investigation, he was found in the possession of Paraphernalia drugs, and controlled substances. So the player was arrested for the 3 charges by the Authorities of Las Vegas.


Besides those charges, he has been accused of a car crash and fleeing the scene while injuring the woman. The American Corner back player was reported on driving at 65 miles per hour speed, which caused the accident at the turn of the road on the way to practice. 

The player had signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins in his final month of the season, which was released by the club after the report of the news. The player has faced multiple Legal issues until now but the incident of possession of drugs has cost him the biggest Legal trial in his life. 

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