Who Are Cricketer Ben Stokes Children With His Wife Clare Ratcliffe? Meet Layton Stokes And Libby Stokes

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All-rounder England cricketer Ben Stock has a beautiful wife, Clare Ratcliffe, and two children, Layton Stokes (eldest) And Libby Stokes (youngest). 

Clare is also a primary school teacher by profession. She calls herself a "cricket widow" as she is married to the player of the England cricket team. 

The couple met during a Lancashire v Durham game at Old Trafford in August 2010. At that time, Ben was just starting his career. She sent the friend request on Facebook and started to talk. At the initial stage, they were in a long-distance relationship as Stokes as in Durham and Clare was in Tauton studying. 

After dating for five months, the couple made their relationship public through Facebook. Clare is a supportive wife as well as a very caring mother.

She had taken a leave from her job to take care of her children, and now she is a homemaker. She provides all her time and affection to her family and her husband, Ben as he stays away from home due to his professional priorities. 

Cricketer Ben Stokes Children With Wife Clare Ratcliffe: Layton Stokes And Libby Stokes

Ben Stokes and Clare Ratcliffe are parents of two adorable children.

The marvelous couple has a son named Layton Stokes and a daughter named Libby Stokes.


Clare Ratcliffe was born on 7 October in East Brent, Somerset, United Kingdom. His father's name was Arthur Ratcliffe, who is also a well-known businessman. She has a sister and a brother, Chris Ratcliffe. Claire Stokes was a polite and beautiful girl from her early years, and while growing up, she fulfilled her dream. 

Their eldest son, Layton, was born in 2012, and daughter Libby was born in 2014. Clare is a source of support for her husband.

Ben Stokes proposed to her in 2013 and the pair were engaged for four years and also got married to the love of his life, Clare in 2017 with their two kids by their side. They had a beautiful celebration at a country church, and close family and friends from both sides attended the celebration. Cricketers like Paul Collingwood, Ian Bell, Eoin Morgan, Jos Butler, and Stuart Board were present at the celebration.

She also has a TikTok account where she shares beautiful videos with her children.

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Beautiful Family of Ben Stoke 

Ben has a beautiful family. His father was a well-known player and coach who is no more now. And Clare's parents are Arthur Ratcliffe and Jane Ratcliffe

Ben Stoke's father, Gerard Stokes, passed away after battling brain cancer. Gerard died at the age of 65. The entire cricket family has expressed deep condolence over Ged's demise.

Ben said that his father was very strong on the responsibilities he had. Stokes added. "He told me I have to do the job, and I have a duty as a husband and father.

Gerald represented the Workington Town club in the 1982-83 season, and he returned as the coach in 2003. The club writer also twisted after the death of Gerald, "It is with great sadness that we learn our former player and coach Ged Stokes has passed away."

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What Is Ben Stokes Ethnicity?

Born in New Zealand, Ben has got Maori ethnicity from his mother. 

Cricketer Ben Stokes was born on 4 June 1991 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

He is the son of rugby league player and coach, the late Gerard Stokes, known as 'Ged Stokes',. His mother has English and Māori ancestry. He is one of the richest Cricketers and is listed as the most popular Cricketer globally.

Ben shares a very beautiful relationship with his wife and children. He posted a picture with his wife on Instagram in a funny way, saying, "The love you have for your wife is shown in the level of the wrapping of this case, it doesn't apply 🤣🤣 ." 

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