What Is Comedy Series Freeridge All About?

A teen comedy-drama series growing up in dangerous part of Los Angeles,  Freeridge. (Source:
A teen comedy-drama series growing up in dangerous part of Los Angeles, Freeridge. (Source: Source : popsugar )

Freeridge is a TV fiction series by Netflix demonstrating the bond of high school friends in the real world. A teen comedy-drama series as a sequel to 'On My Block.'

'On My Block' followed the story of four high school friends-Ceasar, Ruby, Jamal and Monse, and was first released on March 16, 2018. Created by Lauren lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, the TV show portray Gang violence, friendship and overcoming challenges.

Freeridge is a spin-off of the series 'On My Block' which premiered on February 2, 2022. The filming of the TV show 'Freeridge' was done between May and July in the year 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Freeridge's cast interview. ( Source : youtube )

Rooted with violence in the community like 'On My Block', the refined blend of violence and humor truly portrays the character's experience in reality. 

A new theme along with new characters, makes the story more appealing, adding up a more supernatural tone. Good news to the fans of 'On My Block'. Freeridge is just an iconic and memorable series as part of a spin-off.

Cameron on a new lead, acted by Tenzing Norgay Trainor ( Source : youtube )

The primary characters of this spin-off are Cameron, Demi, Gloria and Ines. As a new lead, Cameron has come to the role.  Altogether, eight episodes are there in the first season of the TV series 'Freeridge'.

Time after the final season of 'On My Block', its creators are more willing to provide the representation of a new friendship group. 

Freeridge is all about the composition of tales of adventure and the rivalry of siblings.  All of the friends try to reverse the curse of bad luck that a strange old box gave them. 

The TV series represents the comedy and drama of four high school friends as the core cast, each with a surprisingly interesting character.

Bryana Salaz as Ines

Bryana Salaz is an American singer and actress who plays Ines as an impractical character in the TV series. Ines has interesting chemistry with her sister Gloria. 


Having played lots of roles in TV series, Bryana Salaz is cast as Ines, a younger, unprotected sister of Gloria.

She has done work in other television series including House of Payne, Bizaardvark, Best Friends Whenever, The Mick, Malibu Rescue and Team Kaylie.  Additionally, she was on the seventh season of NBC's The Voice and even reached the top 20. 

Born in Florida, USA. Bryana currently resides in California and she is portrayed in the main role of Kaylie Konrad on the Netflix series, Team Kaylie (2019).

In the TV series Freeridge, Bryana acted as the sister of Gloria, Ines, who played a key role as the soul of the group. The intimacy between these sisters seems a bit fascinating.

Gloria does not want to put her sister in danger but, they fight all the time by bumping each other's heads and insulting each other. Ines is distant, and cold and ignores all the rules, she is emotionally vulnerable and is even not sensible compared to Gloria.

Keyla Monterroso Mejia Starring as Gloria

Keyla Moterroso Meija is a widely known comedian who plays Gloria as the elder sister of Ines. Keyla is famous for her work in various comedy series.

Keyla was born in Hawthrone, United States and of Mexican Descent. Beginning a professional acting career back in 2021, she played roles in 'Launchpad' and 'The 90-Day plan Series'.

Keyla Monterroso Meija got a new role in Netflix series. (Source: netflixlife)
Keyla Monterroso Meija got a new role in Netflix series. (Source: netflixlife) ( Source : netflixlife )

Having played roles as Maria Sofia in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and Val Garcia in 'Launchpad', the creators of Freeridge are featuring Keyla as the de facto leader of the group, Gloria.

Gloria seems to be a mature, intelligent and honest girl but has got a fiery temper. The trailer reflects her character dominance and she is portrayed as an unofficial leader of the group who unites the group.

 She is a smart, Charismatic and smart girl and protective of her sister Ines, having a smart sense of humour.

Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi

Ciara Riley Wilson is passionate about acting and comes up in the role of Demi in the Netflix teen comedy series. Demi is portrayed as a spiritual character. 

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Ciara has come across varieties of shows like LA's Finest, Speechless, and Bizaardvark.  As a creative and outgoing child,  she chooses to pursue art and entertainment from a young age. 

Ciara Riley Wilson, in an interview discussing her love for the spin off. (Source:
Ciara Riley Wilson, in an interview discussing her love for the spin off. (Source: ( Source : sweetyhigh )

Beginning her career as a dancer, Ciara has been part of several music videos. She is also a hip-hop dancer. Besides, Ciara has got experience in fashion design, and her influence on fashion and acting can be seen on social media platforms.

Ciara Riley Wilson performs Demi, one of the core characters in the series, Freeridge.  Demi comes out as a spiritual, emphatic, positive character having faith and interest in astrology, crystals and tarot.

Demi tries to give extra insight to the group sailing over the curse of the strange old box.

Tenzing Norgay Trainer as Cameron

Tenzing Norgay Trainor is a young age actor who played Cameron as a guy who keeps his eye far away from girls. Cameron is featured as the new leader of the group.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor was born in Plantation, Florida, USA. He started acting at the age of 11. Being a player of taekwondo, Tenzing has been a sports enthusiast from a very young age.

He started his acting career in theatre production throughout Florida.

Having played different roles in Abominable and the invisible city, American Housewife, Modern Family, The Mick, Liv and Maddie, Tenzing is playing a major character as a single guy in the TV series.

Cameron comes as a non-romantic guy who has never dated any girls. Instead, he has dated many boys. In addition, Cameron was a boy raised by his divorced parents.

A guy who always overanalyses the situation but, never digs up a conclusion. In Freeridge, Cameron is portrayed as a guy who sticks around himself.

Michael Solomon as Rusty

Michael Solomon is an American actor known in the genre of drama who acts as Rusty in the Netflix TV series. Rusty is playing as an assistant to uncle Tonio.

Michael Solomon is a sound recordist residing in New York City. His areas of work include documentary films, reality, and fiction. Michael is renowned for playing Boo, Bitch(2022) and Solve(2018).

Being an American actor, he is a co-star in the third season episode of "Blue Bell Boy" and has come across in the series Strike Back.

Rusty is a part of the scene where he serves as an assistant to Tonio. Initially, he comes in touch with the group for a professional reason but later starts flirting with both Gloria and Ines.

J.R. Villarreal featuring as Tonio

J.R. Villarreal appears as a supporting cast Tonio who is an unemployed uncle of Gloria and Ines.  Villareal has been in Hollywood since the age of 10.

J.R. Villareal, plays Tonio as an uncle of Gloria and Ines, Freeridge cast (Netflix).
J.R. Villareal, plays Tonio as an uncle of Gloria and Ines, Freeridge cast (Netflix). ( Source : us )

J.R. Villarreal was born in Houston, Texas. Being one of the most dynamic and energetic actors in Hollywood, Akeelah and 'the Bee' is one of his highest-rated movies. Besides, he has done work on the movies like High and Mighty, An American in Texas, Ghost Team one and Magic City Memoirs.

Appearing as a Knowledgeable person having an entrepreneurial mindset, Tonio guides the team to reverse the curse of a strange old box.

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