What Is The Relationship Between Cierra Bosarge And Rapper J . Cole?

American rapper J Cole got spotted in the general area of Philadelphia on Wednesday as he had a promise to fulfill to a superfan, Cierra Bosarge, that he made many years ago. 

Indeed, the event was an extraordinary occurrence for the rapper, and the 25-year-old college graduate had no idea he would fulfill the words he committed to four years ago. In an interview with Daily Voice, she admitted his presence meant everything to her as she felt the love he had.

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Cierra Bosarge Age And Wikipedia- Who Is She?

College graduate Cierra Bosarge hails from Glassboro, where she got her secondary education. Her teenage year was rough on the young lady as her parent's crippling addictions made her want to quit school.

Like a scene from a movie, the pair reconnected after the interview, where she wrote him a handwritten letter about her troubles. Saddened by her situation, he prompted he would attend her graduation if she were to get into a reputed University.

Indeed, she got her college studies from Rowan University, where she majored in Journalism, and in the audience was the man who made the promise.

What Is The Net Worth Of Cierra Bosarge- Did She Graduate From College?

As of 2022, the net worth of Cierra Bosarge is still under review as she just graduated from University. 

Given her qualifications, were are sure she would find a high-paying job in the journalism field as she already has connections to celebrities.

Meet Cierra Bosarge On Instagram

Cierra Bosargedoes do not have an Instagram, but you can follow her Twitter handle @princess_simba, where she has 6.89k followers. 

Following her shot at fame, she had pinned the picture of herself and her idol as it was the best moment of her life.