Chris Pincher is a is 52 years old British politician who is also a Conservative Party member and has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamworth since 2010. 

Six new sexual assault charges against Pincher surfaced on July 3, 2022, spanning a decade of behavior. Three complaints have been lodged against Pincher for making unwelcome approaches to other male MPs, one in a House of Commons bar and two in Pincher's parliamentary office.

Pincher formerly served as Government Deputy Chief Whip and Household Treasurer from 2018 to 2019 and again from February to June 2022.

He recently resigned from his position as deputy chief whip due to these sexual allegations against him. Although, Chris had been accused of sexual assault several times before he was appointed for the same position by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Is Chris Pincher Gay?

Many citizens are wondering if Member of Parliament (MP), Chris Pincher is gay after the sexual assault allegations against him by a few men have come to light. However, the politician has not clarified his sexuality.

The first allegations were made back in 2017 by Alex Story, a former Olympic rower, and activist. He brought the accusations against Pincher when he made attempts toward Alex that were sexual in nature.


In July 2022, new allegations have been made against the British politician that in a pub in Parliament in 2017, Chris had touched a male Tory MP's inner leg.

After reportedly touching two men at the Carlton Club in London on Wednesday night, Pincher resigned from his position as deputy chief whip for the Tory party on 1st July.

People are suspecting that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was aware of the sexual allegations against him in 2017 before appointing him as the Deputy Chief Whip on February 2020.

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Chris Pincher Accuser Alex Story And Scandal Details

Chris Pincher had been accused by Alex Story, a former Olympic rower, and activist, in 2017. During that time, Pincher held the positions of assistant whip and comptroller of the household in 2017. He did, however, submit his resignation on November 5 in response to charges and scandal against him.

The accusations against Pincher were that he made sexual attempts at Story after inviting him to his London house. Story said that Pincher made attempts toward him that were sexual in nature. 


According to the Story, Pincher attempted to take his shirt off before stroking his neck. Later, he allegedly poured Story a drink and said, "You'll go far in the Conservative Party." Later, Pincher came back to the room with his bathrobe on and his chest and belly sticking out.

However, Pincher said that he did not remember that any of these events occurred. The examining panel for the Conservative Party concluded that Pincher had not violated the code of conduct in December, 2017.

Does Chris Pincher Have A Wife Or Partner In 2022?

Chris Pincher does not have a wife or a partner as of 2022. After many sexual allegations made by men against the British politician, Chris, people are wondering if he is married or not. 

Meanwhile, the former deputy chief whip's Wikipedia page does not mention that he is married and there is no information about his wife.