What Is Childhood Trauma Test TikTok?

Childhood Trauma Test TikTok is an ongoing trend where people check if they still face any influence from the trauma that they encountered in their childhood.

Similarly, the users also do this challenge to know if they faced any such event that they are unaware of but are still subconsciously affected by it.

@luca_donato Pensavo peggio per me, a voi com’è andata? #trauma #traumatok #traumatest #traumaaudio #traumatestaudio #childhood #childhoodtrauma #traumahealing #endthestigma ♬ i can only joke ab my trauma not you - taetae

It is a simple test used to figure out if the person undergoing this is affected by some subtle noises or not.

Many users in recent times have tried this test on Tiktok and from what I have observed, the majority of them couldn't give a calm reaction.

Apparently, it seems like if the person doesn't give a drastic reaction to the sound, then that individual is free from childhood trauma.

Although the test is widely followed at the moment, the validity of this process is not officially verified or proved.

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Childhood Trauma Test Quiz And Trend Explained

Childhood Trauma Test TikTok trend is a quiz where people try to blind react to some familiar sounds related to negative experiences.

These sounds include the noises of a clock ticking, phone ringtone, door knocking, footsteps, rain with thunder, and a piece of music at the end.

The full music of this TikTok trend is a blend of above mentioned noises and it is created by a user named taetae on TikTok by the title i can only joke ab my trauma not you.

@taesquiff i thought i’d get through the entire sound...but i just couldn’t 😭 might try again? see how it goes #trauma #test ♬ i can only joke ab my trauma not you - taetae

In this video concept, you try to blind react to the music and try to give your natural reaction to the music.

If your responses involve some drastic or frightened ones, then it is likely that you are still impacted by any childhood incident.

In case you are able to listen to the whole music without any panic then it shows that you don't have any such experiences from the past.

How To Take Childhood Trauma Test On TikTok

You can take the Childhood Trauma Test on TikTok by simply reacting to the specified music.

It generally requires you to blind react to get the best reaction out of you.

In case you are not familiar with what blind reaction is, it refers to responding to something without any external context or preview.

If you are thinking of doing this challenge after reading this article, then we would suggest to be true to yourself and try to react naturally.

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