Chef Dave is 32 years old. His real name is David Marshall, and he is from Nottingham.

Chef Dave is a digital content creator on TikTok who came under the spotlight for his eccentric videos.

TikTok creator Chef Dave is one of the people gaining attention for his carefree lifestyle where hustle culture is rampant. 

Indeed, he takes his chorus one day at a time and wants a good time without worrying about his future.



TikTok Star Chef Dave Age 

Chef Dave from TikTok looks around middle age somewhere between 30-and 40 years old. However, no exact date of birth is yet revealed.

He hails from London, where he has a fun time with his friends and fans. Despite his misleading name, he is not a chef but a video creator on TikTok.

Indeed, he is an avid fan of food and soccer as he also stands with a cup of beer in his hands most of the time. But he is true to himself as he calls his fans drinkypoos. 

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What Is The Net Worth Of Chef Dave - Earning Explored 2022

As of 2022, the net worth of Chef Dave is still under review, but we estimate it to be in the hundred thousand.

The main source of his income is his TikTok account @Chef_Dave11, where he has 196k followers.

Indeed, he has maximized his followers as his total likes have reached four million, as his stardom aids him in conducting meet and greets with his wellwishers. His content centers around his daily life, as he parties, drinks, and plays sports as a way to pass his days. 

Moreover, his tag has over 70 million views as his controversial habits get reposted and uploaded by his friend and fanatics. 

Chef Dave Wife Tammy Young

Chef Dave is in a blissful relationship with his partner Tammy Young, a makeup artist based in London. Although he is often in the company of gorgeous women, she stands unique from the rest as he appears on her socials. 

Indeed, the young lady has a good sense of fashion as she is adamant about posting about her daily outfits.

Despite their hectic lives and frequent visits to the pubs, they enjoy an evening drinking tea as they talk about their futures.

Meet Chef Dave On Instagram

Chef Dave is available on Instagram with the account handle chef_dave11, where he has 34k followers. His social media have the same content that he reposts to generate fans from all platforms.

He usually hangs out at pubs and nightclubs in Leeds as he is also present on Cameo to do personalized sponsored videos.